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Gregg is a well-traveled, graduate degree level, academic and writer. He completed his master’s in fine art degree in English Creative Writing from the University of San Francisco in December of 2020.

Gregg is a creative thinker and communicator, with a knack for identifying and connecting with any given audience. While obtaining three degrees in Art from three different states, Gregg was afforded many opportunities to work closely with artists from many different backgrounds, both budding and established. He is well versed in a workshop setting and considers himself a cooperative learner. He understands how to take criticism and own up to his responsibilities.

During his undergraduate degree, he worked closely with readers and editors on completing the University of Baltimore’s undergraduate literary journal "Skelter." During his graduate degree, he worked closely with readers and editors on the University of San Francisco’s literary journal "Invisible City." He was Vice President of the Graduate Writers Association for three of the four semesters at the University of San Francisco and founded a student circulated newsletter titled "The Meter."

After the MFA program, Gregg went on to co-found the literary magazine "Lone Mountain Literary Society."
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Gregg specializes in long-form literary fiction, short stories, and any discipline associated with creative writing. He is a diligent and close reader, with a keen eye for detail. He takes real-world experiences and transforms them into stories.

He specializes in being a team player and working in group settings. He is excellent at having creative conversations, offering astute feedback and edits in the works of others.


Gregg is interested in writing both fiction and non-fiction novels, short stories, entertainment, TV and movies, editing, research, sports, blog posts, articles, and theater.

As a long-time member of the service and hospitality industries, Gregg is interested in travel, leisure, food, drink, nature, and the latest advancements in technology.


Oklahoma City Community College

University of Baltimore

University of San Francisco


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Gregg has worked a wide variety of positions, in numerous restaurants throughout his professional life. and considers himself an industry veteran. He has worked at restaurants in Maryland, West Virginia and California. Some of those restaurants include Shoreline Seafood, Kauffman's Tavern, Papa John's Pizza, Foxes Den Pizza, Regina's, Eden West, Mid Atlantic Caterer's, Cardinal Tavern, Chart House, Rosamunde Sausage grill. He has been a dishwasher, food runner, server, bartender, and manager.


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Gregg has eight years working in the hospitality industry, and has worked in hotels and resorts across the United States. He has worked in Maryland, Oklahoma, and California at Wisp ski resort in western Maryland, The Riverwind Casino and Hotel in Norman, Oklahoma, the Holiday Inn Inner Harbor in Baltimore, Maryland, and the Seal Rock Inn in San Francisco, California.

He has seen the operations of many different properties both small and large, with properties ranging from 25 to 300 rooms.

He has worked a wide variety of positions including, front desk, night audit, housekeeping, and property management.

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Gregg started the big sauce blog to showcase his creative writing skills, talents, and to be in control of the publishing of his own works.

He took pieces that he previously wrote, workshopped and edited during his scholastic tenure, and published them in this space.

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Gregg published a student circulated newsletter titled "The Meter" during his graduate degree at The University of San Francisco. He published the campaign on a monthly basis, incorporating work from the many writers throughout the MFA program.


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During his scholastic tenure, Gregg worked on and completed 100 pages of one novel, and 150 pages of another. The 150-page novel was accepted as his final dissertation, and Gregg was awarded a graduate degree in English Creative Writing as a result. He has also written numerous lengthy research papers and has had to compile research findings into large form documents during his time in academia.

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