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Marilee has had many experiences that have given her a more unique perspective on life.

She has lived in Chile and France, as well as visited other interesting and culture-rich places. These experiences have helped shape who she is and her strong love of people.

And this love drives what she does in all aspects of her life, including in her writing.

She has Bachelor's degrees in Spanish and in French, which taught her about people and cultures, but also how to write in other languages. And she brings that skill to the table every time she writes in English.

She has also studied under A-list copywriters such as Ian Stanley and Carlos Redlich where she has learned and continues to master the beautiful art and science of copywriting.

Marilee has had a variety of copywriting clients in various niches, some of whom have hired her multiple times for different projects.
Email Copy


Though Marilee has experience with writing copy for websites, landing pages, and funnels, and she has ambitions for expanding her experience with direct response copywriting, her expertise lies with email.

Marilee specializes in email copywriting, as well as list management. She has woken up dead lists, grown lists, and created email campaigns that have set her clients apart in their industry.

In truth, email is her jam!

She also makes the BEST chocolate chip cookies on planet earth.


Marilee loves reading, writing (obviously), and eating out with friends.

She also loves making an impact in people's lives, whether that's in the lives of her family, friends, and neighbors or complete strangers who read her copy.

She believes copywriting is one of the key components in building businesses and great businesses change the world. She loves being part of that.

She also loves eating chocolate, making cookies, going on walks, and watching movies with her cat.


200 Projects Completed

Marilee loves business and marketing and has been in the industry for years.

She has written for various companies in the business and marketing niche and has especially loved playing a part in helping grow their businesses.

Email has been the most common writing she has done for these companies and has managed email lists, written successful campaigns, and blast emails alike.

You could say that business is one of Marilee’s passions.


200 Projects Completed

Marilee has been in marketing for years and loves the thrill of writing to help businesses grow.

She started her online journey in affiliate marketing, which helped her grasp the intricacies of selling.

She quickly learned that without understanding persuasive writing - aka copywriting - she wouldn't be able to be successful.

That's when she shifted her focus to copywriting and has never regretted it as marketing and copywriting go hand in hand.


100 Projects Completed

Health and fitness are a couple of Marilee's favorite niches.

She wrote many emails for a fitness company that had neglected email for far too long. She woke up their "dead" list to around 2500 active subscribers within a month.

This same fitness company asked her to write all the emails for the launch and follow-up of their new program.

She also had the opportunity to manage their email list and track all the data, make tweaks, and offer suggestions based on the numbers.

And through that experience, she realized how powerful email is by looking at the high open rates and click-through rates her emails were getting.


50 Projects Completed

Marilee wrote the copy for an entire website for a construction company that helped contractors make the most from their time in the industry. The website had several pages.

The same company hired her to write the emails for their follow-up campaign to site visitors.

She also wrote emails for another construction company that helped people make more money with their construction projects.

Email Copy

200 Projects Completed

Marilee has spent countless hours and thousands of dollars to learn copywriting, specifically email copywriting and list management.

She loves the immediate feedback she gets with email and the ability to create and build a relationship with people on a list.

Marilee has woken up "dead" email lists, has built and grown email lists, and has managed multiple lists for herself and clients.


20 Projects Completed


Marilee has taken on projects to write entire websites as well as landing pages and other funnel steps in a funnel.

She loves the funnel-building process and loses track of time when putting a funnel together and writing copy for it.

She also enjoys writing the follow-up funnels for the funnels she creates.

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