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Lorna' is an engaging, innovative writer who likes to present unique visions, but stays grounded with a healthy dose of common sense and fine-tuned time management, organization and customer service skills . She is versatile, independent, adaptable and possesses a strong attention to detail. Her work ethic is guided by integrity but sparkled up with a good dose of humor.

Her vision is to use her creativity and unique perspective on life to inspire, educate and entertain diverse audiences through the magic of the written word; capturing their imagination, making them laugh and motivating them to achieve new levels of awareness and growth.

Lorna's work path has included nursing, career development, volunteer/fund development and administration. Her personal passions are spirituality, animal rights, and wholistic/energy healing, and they are reflected in her adult and children's fiction and non-fiction writing.

She has more than 20 years of experience in the business, education, healthcare and non-profit sectors where she has been involved in content writing, copywriting, basic copyediting and proofing of documents such as: emails, letters, memos, reports, brochures, invitations, bulletins, newsletters, presentations, website content, handbooks, manuals, and promotional business materials.

She researched and authored over 30 career-related handbooks, guides, brochures and reports for government, educational and business association clients

She was featured in The Edmonton Sunday Journal news story called "Helping Hand for Career Shifts: Ex-nurse's handbooks help workers get a grip on job transition" (September 8, 1996 issue), after authoring the Redesigning Dreams: A Transition Series for Nursing Professionals.

She co-authored curriculum manuals for career development trainers and students.

She published a variety of personal pieces including:
- 4 non-fiction articles in a local holistic magazine (Heartbeat), and online (Holistic Animal Association newsletter, Alzheimer's Society, UK, personal stories section and Edge Magazine: Holistic Living)
- 1 personal essay on AgeinPlace website newsletter, 2019
- 1 fiction short story on Alfie Dog Fiction (online publisher)
- 1 poem in Timeless Voice, a compilation of The International Library of Poetry
- Copy wrote and designed business and promo materials to pique interest, raise awareness and encourage action while completing administrative contracts in various organizations (e.g., physician recruitment brochure, leadership communication emails, bulletins and website content, invitational materials for corporate events) and as the volunteer coordinator/fund development manager at two non-profit women's shelters

Lorna's writing path has been diverse and eclectic, traveling across a range of industries. It demonstrates not only her adaptability but her curiosity to explore new writing worlds and tackle unexpected challenges.
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Lorna's writing specialties have included:

career development/adult education
holistic health, energy healing and new age
animal rights

adult and children's

basic copyediting
proofing of documents

short stories
powerpoint presentations
website content
promotional business materials


Lorna loves the challenge of new writing adventures. In particular, she loves to take complex or confusing concepts and making them 'mainstream' readable. She believes the greatest power of the written word can be found in its ability to engage, inspire, uplift and support readers of all types. If there is an experience she has learned from, she likes to share her insights or tackle those topics in her non-fiction articles or weave them throughout fiction short stories.

Her greatest joys and most deeply held beliefs can be found in her spirituality, animal rights, and holistic/energy healing interests (and her cat Smooches). They frequently find their way onto the pages of her adult and children's fiction and non-fiction writing.


Royal Alexandra Hospital School of Nursing

1986 Registered Nursing Diploma Royal Alexandra Hospital School Of Nursing, Edmonton

Program CCDI, Concordia College

Program CCDI, Concordia College (course load completed), Edmonton

International Reiki Training Institute and other Reiki Masters

1996-2000 Reiki Mastery & Teaching Certificates International Reiki Training Institute & Private Trainers 1992 Career Practitioner

Gale Online Courses

2019 Writing for the Internet Gale Online Courses, Public Library, Calgary

2019 Writing for Children Gale Online Courses, Public Library, Calgary

2018 Drawing for the Absolute Beginner Gale Online Courses, Public Library, Calgary

2018 Grammar Refresher II Gale Online Courses, Public Library, Calgary

2018 How to Make Money Writing Gale Online Courses, Public Library, Calgary


60 Projects Completed

Lorna worked over 20 years in various temp roles in administration/office settings in admin., coordinator and EA roles. She used her proofing, drafting and writing skills in the development of numerous promotional and business documents/products.


30 Projects Completed

Lorna has worked in a various of businesses using her writing skill sets.


30 Projects Completed

Lorna has worked in healthcare as a nurse and in administrative/EA roles where she used her writing skills (e.g., hospitals, labs, clinics, etc.)

Self Help

10 Projects Completed

Lorna has provided self help support through her articles and in her energy healing business over the years.


3 Projects Completed

Lorna worked in career development for over 10 years as a consultant and did applied research projects and design/wrote career development materials.


1 Projects Completed

Lorna did a nursing career transitions project and wrote handbooks. She also has written articles and done alternative healing as part of her own consulting business.

Email Copy

50 Projects Completed

Lorna has drafted a variety of emails for promotion and within her roles supporting upper level management.


10 Projects Completed

Lorna has written numerous articles, 3 of which are currently published on holistic and self help topics.


10 Projects Completed

Lorna designed, wrote and edited various powerpoint presentations for physicians, managers and CEOs in her admin/EA roles in healthcare and business.

Newsletter Content

5 Projects Completed

Lorna designed, drafted, and edited various newsletter as part of her admin/EA roles in healthcare and business that were used to promote and/or inform staff.


5 Projects Completed

Lorna has written brochures for various business clients in her admin/EA roles, and in previous career development projects.

Blog Post

1 Projects Completed

Lorna has started a new blog where she shares her life experience and spiritual insights with readers.

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