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Living internationally for the last decade, Jessica knows how to build strong relationships that transcend social and cultural barriers. Using the art of storytelling, she crafts authentic and intentional copy that strengthens your connections with clients, turning you into a trusted and recommended brand.
Jessica is well-versed in initiating and managing multiple projects, designing brand strategies to help guide the business's messaging, and framing persuasive copy that delivers the brand story to the target audience. She especially loves helping business owners and entrepreneurs achieve their goals by refining their messaging in order to increase sales and build relationships with their audience.
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Jessica writes website copy, social media content, sales pages, emails, and newsletters for the beauty, travel, lifestyle, and real estate industries. When approaching each project, Jessica researches the product/service, brand, and target audience in order to structure the messaging with a clear strategy in mind.

Jessica has experience writing for blogs for the beauty, travel, lifestyle, and real estate industries. Her specialty is writing engaging posts that readers enjoy while organically applying keywords to help optimize content.


Jessica’s professional experiences have led her to write for the following industries:
- Travel
- Lifestyle
- Beauty & Wellness
- Real Estate
- Interior Decor & Design
- Event Industry


University of New Mexico

Jessica loved the subject of History and focused mostly on the Renaissance era and art and Modern European history. Researching famous works about historical characters and periods refined her ability to research well, often considering content that may have been overlooked by her counterparts. Her years in University built the foundation for quality and thorough writing and researching that she now applies to the businesses she works with.


7 Projects Completed

Jessica has worked on a variety of projects with business owners in the lifestyle industry, including wellness and life coaches, food bloggers, and event-related brands like photographers and event planners.

When working with lifestyle brands, Jessica believes that audience engagement and relationships are key to building an authentic connection between business and consumer. It’s important to craft the message in a way that empathizes with the audience’s pain and solves their problem, focusing on the benefits of the service or product in relation to the consumer’s needs.


5 Projects Completed

Jessica is a frequent international traveler and her own experiences have helped her write for a travel podcast, creating and writing the subject content, episode descriptions, social media content, and blog posts. She has also written copy for a wellness hotel and spa, highlighting the adventurous and luxurious stay in the Italian Alps.

Writing for the travel industry requires storytelling and enticing words to lure the desire for an escape and adventure. Having firsthand experience of what travelers are wanting to know about the destination helps Jessica write especially alluring and engaging travel content.


3 Projects Completed

Jessica worked directly in the beauty industry for eight years and is very captivated by writing content that supports services and products in relation to beauty and wellness focusing mostly on website copy, service and product descriptions, social media captions, and blog content.

As the industry is continuously developing new and improved products and services, Jessica understands the importance of remaining current on industry developments and the desires of the target market. When writing content for the beauty industry, she is especially mindful and well-researched in the target audience and outreach on all platforms, striving to maintain continuity and brand authenticity.

Blog Post

10 Projects Completed

Writing blog content requires knowing the subject matter, the brand voice, the audience, and the purpose for the content.

Jessica has experience writing for blogs for the beauty, travel, lifestyle, and real estate industries. Her specialty is writing engaging posts that readers enjoy while organically applying keywords to help optimize content.

Her blog writing began years ago as she wrote of her personal travels and published content with the intent of sharing her experiences with friends and family.

Now, she writes blogs posts to help brands connect with their audience, position their brands as experts in their industry, and drive traffic to their website.

Web Page

3 Projects Completed

Jessica has written copy for three different websites and is currently working with clients in the real estate and travel/lifestyle industries.

Jessica especially enjoys writing website copy as she loves learning in-depth about a business and taking its brand mission and values to create a story that connects with its audience.

In order for website copy to convert readers into customers, it needs to be concise, simple, enticing, and offer the reader a clear solution to their problem while answering any hesitation or question they might have.

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