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Kathryn has been writing her entire life.

She perfected her craft while studying at The University of Georgia. She learned how to write scholarly papers, usually 20 pages or longer. She's no stranger to diving into research and turning what she's learned into well-written, easy-to-read papers.

After graduation, she started her own website, A Way Abroad, giving herself a space online to write blog-style articles all about her travels and life abroad. With A Way Abroad, she's been able to learn Search Engine Optimization and get most of her articles to rank on page 1 and some even in the top 3 or number 1 on Google.

From factual, research papers, to fun, travel blogs, Kathryn is able to write what you wish!
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Kathryn really excels in writing blog-style articles, ideally in the travel niche. A traveler and longtime expat herself, she knows what others look for in travel pieces and can easily combine the practical tips with the inspirational. She's also great at blogs or online articles due to her experience with SEO or Search Engine Optimization. She's great at organizing articles to Google's liking, to ensure you'll receive a piece that not only is interesting to read but likely to reach the widest audience possible.


In short, Kathryn loves all things adventure. Not only in real life but also when writing about them. Travel, hiking, board sports, exotic foods, and exploring new places are really are what interests Kathryn the most.

She's also a huge fan of all animals, traveling the world with her own rescue pup, Bandido. She understands animals well and is interested in them all, from under the water to above.


The University of Georgia

Kathryn studied at The University of Georgia for 4 years. During that time, she double-majored in International Affairs and Latin American & Caribbean Studies.


8 Projects Completed

The travel industry is really where Kathryn shines. She's been an avid traveler all of her life and has spent her entire adulthood living around the world in various countries. As a traveler herself, she knows exactly what others look for in a great travel article, keeping a keen focus on those hidden gems and unique foods to try.


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Kathryn is an adventure junkie, especially when it comes to board sports and hiking. Let her enthusiasm take over when she writes about the wonders of nature and all the amazing ways to take full advantage of life outside.


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Kathryn is the mom of a rescue dog, Bandido. She and her partner rescued him while living in Vietnam and have since traveled the world with him in tow. She's been paid to write about her experience traveling with Bandido.

As a dog mom and overall animal lover, she's eager to share her expertise and adoration of animals in articles.

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8 Projects Completed

Kathryn S. is a very skilled blogger. Not only will you receive interesting, well-written articles, but with her knowledge of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, they'll reach the maximum audience possible.

She has years of experience writing for 8 different publications, many of which have published more than one piece by her.

Her main interests include travel, the outdoors, adventure, and food. Most of her articles cover these topics but she is more than capable to write about the topic you prefer.

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