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Jeannelle D earned her Associates Degree in Health Services Administration at Keiser University in Melbourne, FL.She is a single mother raising two children. On the finance side, she has created many articles on topics such as frugal living, money saving tips, saving for college, and travel deals. On the entertainment side, she has created many articles on topics such as celebrity news, celebrity gossip, and which celebrities are doing what. She has written Sales Training manuals based on her experience in sales and as a Sales Manager and Trainer. She has a background in sales and marketing. She has experience as a former part-time model. She was able to gain more knowledge as to what happens in the background of the entertainment industry. She has a passion for writing engaging content that readers are interested in.
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She enjoys writing songs and poetry.


Jeannelle D enjoys a variety of music to include r&b, hip-hop, pop, and reggae.


Keiser University

This degree gives her the knowledge for both health and business.

Ashworth College

Obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing.


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She is a legal blogger that writes about topics such as credit card debt, bankruptcy and debt relief. She has also written about estate planning and dividing assets during a divorce. In regard to credit card debt, she mostly covers topics such as, how to decrease credit card debt or how to pay credit card debt off faster.


180 Projects Completed

She has experience of the entertainment industry due to writing for She keeps up to date with the latest celebrity gossip and anything else that is celebrity related. She has written about topics including, The Teresa Guidice trial and Joan River's Death. She has also written about the lawsuit against Nicki Minaj and Robin William's suicide.


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She is the author and writer of the book, "Chronicles of a Cheater" which is published through The book gives readers even more knowledge of signs of cheating behavior and various lies that are told by those who are committing infidelity.

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She has written blogs in a number of categories, including legal, entertainment, health, home improvement, insurance, and real estate.


1,715 Projects Completed

She has been writing for since 2012 has covered a number of topics that are celebrity related. Some examples of these topics include the Teresa Guidice trial and the Nicki Minaj lawsuit.

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