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Michael C. is a current student enrolled at Molloy College in Rockville Centre, NY, whom is studying English and Adolescent Education. He has constructed hundreds of editorial pieces, press releases, blog posts, informative articles and profiles for all of his clients. An avid researcher and historical fanatic, he manages to combine modern research, historical facts and a little bit of personality into each and every editorial he constructs. Along with creating unique and personalized content, he has conducted interviews and has experience in working with doctors, researchers and multiple media members on controversial and complex topics. As a professional writer and style-savvy freelance writer, he hopes to continue constructing only the most unique and individualized content that will engage readers to continue following on a dedicated basis. Michael has worked with many distinguished members of the medical community, as well as many notorious members of the counterculture community.


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Michael C. has the necessary tools to construct, organize, maintain and enhance a client's content, SEO optimization and overall business relationship as a whole. With his devout love for writing and passion for literature, Michael manages to construct unique content and editorials that are spiced with the necessary personality to be intriguing. Every bit of content that is constructed is blueprinted with the utmost legitimate facts and most efficient grammatical structure. Devoting hours upon hours to research in the medical industry and interviewing and working with distinguished members of the medical industry, Michael sets himself aside from the rest due to an invasive list of experience. Michael has worked with doctors, nurse practitioners, office managers and patients alike.

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Michael has written many blog posts on medical issues among the medical community and always constructs a story within each post in order to keep content captivating. Michael can construct blog posts on almost any issue and can guarantee that every bit of content within the post will be completely unique and entirely interesting. If necessary to optimize blog posts, Michael can optimize for whatever a client is searching for. Michael has worked with physicians, patients and distinguished members of the medical community in order to comprise a comprehensive approach to writing.

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