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Charlotte is passionate about science and technology, and how innovation can be applied to achieve real-world impact.

She has a diverse technical background, with a PhD in chemistry and over five years experience working in a range of technical roles for the Australian Government. Sectors have included emerging renewable energy technology, fuel policy, and Defence technology. Charlotte has written proposals for investment strategies, technology updates for industry, media for public engagement, and technical briefings for senior staff.

Charlotte applies her analytical aptitude and knowledge of the innovation space to engage with subject matter experts and translate sophisticated technologies for the target audience. She can break down complex, technical issues, cut through the scientific jargon, and identify the point of why the reader should care.
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Charlotte specializes in emerging science and technology, and communicating these issues to non-technical audiences. She has written on developments from early R&D through to commercialization pathways, with an emphasis on impacts for Government and the benefits of innovation.

Charlotte also specializes in self-development, with a personal blog that features content on personal finance, setting goals, organization, and improving health and wellbeing.


Charlotte's writing interests are mainly focused on the development of new technologies, and how they can provide benefit to society. This includes renewable energy solutions, action for climate change, and reducing waste.

She also writes on personal development, covering topics such as financial freedom, productivity and organization, and goal-setting.

In her spare time, Charlotte enjoys SCUBA diving, hiking, camping, and traveling to nature destinations.


The Australian National University

Published thesis entitled ‘Supramolecular Devices and Materials’ in the field of biophysical and organic chemistry.

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Charlotte has a personal interest in self-help and self-development. She has published on her own blog for the past year, writing posts on health and wellbeing, personal finance, organization, and goal setting. She examines new approaches and techniques, taking inspiration from self-help experts, psychologists, and the corporate world.


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Charlotte has a PhD in chemistry, and extensive Government experience working with a wide range of emerging technologies. She is able to synthesize complex technical information and identify key messages for the target audience.

Green Products

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Charlotte has previously worked in the renewable energy sector for four years. She has knowledge of the current challenges for green products, and the benefits that emerging technologies can bring. As a climate-conscious consumer, Charlotte has personal experience with a wide range of products that help reduce waste and lower carbon footprint.

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Charlotte has run her own blog for the past year, publishing regular content on self-improvement. She can generate posts with well-structured and well-researched content, delivered in a personable manner.

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