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Shari has been working on her art as a writer for nearly her entire life. Writing has always been near and dear to Shari's heart, and her earliest memories are centered around writing stories and poems.

In 2017, she began blogging as a way to help process her life experiences of being a woman in conservative Christian circles. She eventually built up her own platform to help advocate for issues of spiritual abuse and social justice.

She has been featured and quoted in books and magazines on these topics.

In 2019, Shari came on board with an online nonprofit ministry whose audience, today, has hit nearly 15,000 readers. In her work with this nonprofit, Shari continues to work towards empowering women and raising awareness for social justice issues.

She has completed a University of Michigan (Coursera) specialization in writing and editing. Currently, she is working on two more specializations to better hone her craft as a writer and to excel in SEO best practices.
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Shari's areas of specialization are blogging, content creation, and social media management.

She was worked faithfully towards building up her own blog since 2017 and has established a strong social media presence to reach a wider audience. Shari has used Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to find her people and create community. She is currently serving as an assistant editor to a nonprofit blog.

Recently, she has also taken over managing the social media presence of a nonprofit. Her responsibilities have included creating original graphics, interacting with followers, and original social media content creation. She also creatively re-uses quotes from older content to draw in further engagement from followers.


When Shari is not busy writing up a storm on her laptop, you can often find her with her nose in a book, taking her beloved fur baby (a beautiful 6-year-old dog named Meadow) for a walk, or relaxing on one of the many gorgeous beaches near in her home in the Pacific Northwest.


100 Projects Completed

Shari has been blogging and writing in the space of faith and religious topics since 2017. She was inspired to begin writing on this topic when she hit a crisis of faith that forced her to re-evaluate what she believed and what sort of life she wanted to live.

Since then, Shari was worked with a religious nonprofit to advocate for women's equality and to raise awareness for social justice issues through her writing.

Shari has learned how to harness the power of the written word to reach her audience and is excited to partner with you to get your message out into the world.


100 Projects Completed

Shari has been writing to advocate for women's equality since 2019 through her work with a religious nonprofit.

Having been immersed in a religious culture that did not embrace women as equal to men, Shari became passionate in getting the word out that women are here, fierce, and ready to change the world.

Empowering women through writing is one of Shari's very favourite things to do.


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One area Shari enjoys digging into is that of healthy relationships.

Shari has done a lot of work to discover what a healthy relationship should look like. Whether she is discussing romantic relationships, familial relationships, or friendship-based relationships, Shari has something to share with everyone.

She can also speak at length about warning signs of an unhealthy or toxic relationship, and what it means to find healing.


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Shari has worked as a childcare professional for many years. She brings with her a wealth of experience to the table. Shari can talk about early childhood development and how to help children thrive.

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7,000 Projects Completed

Shari has managed her own Twitter platform since 2018 and has since managed the Twitter feed for a religious nonprofit organization.

She knows how to use Twitter to share your content and communicate your message in the most concise way possible.

Shari has also used Twitter to foster relationships with her audience and build her following. She is excited to do the same for you!


181 Projects Completed

Do you need a full poem or a quick verse written for your project? Look no further!

Poetry is one of Shari's favorite ways to create a message or story that draws people in. She has been writing poetry for most of her life and has been twice featured in the magazine, For Women Who Roar.

Let's talk about your project needs!

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Shari has run her own blog and has been an integral part of setting up the forthcoming blog with a religious nonprofit organization. She is excited to work with people and help them pinpoint the heart of whatever it is they want to communicate to their audience.

Do you have an idea for a blog post that you would like to discuss? Reach out to Shari today and let her get your message out into the world!

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100 Projects Completed

Having managed her own Facebook platform, as well as the Facebook page for a religious nonprofit organization, Shari is ready to help you with your Facebook needs.

Shari is a seasoned content writer for Facebook and is prepared to help you articulate your message, include your voice, and further your brand.

She is excited to work with you!

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