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Elizabeth is an accomplished legal writer, having practiced as a commercial litigator since earning her JD from the University of Pennsylvania Law School in 2006. In the over 15 years since then, she has written hundreds of legal memoranda, both at the trial court and the appellate level. Elizabeth believes that legal writing should tell a story whenever possible and never be bogged down by dense, inaccessible language. She has found that where appropriate, humor can be an effective writing tool, yet she can move effortlessly to a more serious tone when advocating for her clients. During her career, Elizabeth has applied her writing talents to a wide range of subjects, including contracts, real estate, subway cars, human rights, Medicare fraud, family disputes, the rights of NFL retirees, and insider trading, to name just a few. In writing about such varied topics, Elizabeth has consistently demonstrated the ability to quickly learn and understand a new subject. That skill is transferable to any type of writing, and Elizabeth will apply it to every writing job she undertakes.


As a litigator, Elizabeth specializes in the persuasive writing necessary for success in that field. In convincing courts to side with her clients, Elizabeth has seamlessly woven together the law and the facts to tell a story, while also educating the court whenever the subject matter of the litigation was unusual or obscure. These skills have served Elizabeth well her entire life and will continue to serve her during her writing career.


Elizabeth is not just a skilled legal writer. She also has a lifelong interest in creative writing and began writing short stories and poems when she was a little girl. Apart from writing, Elizabeth enjoys playing golf and is a big fan of the LPGA. She has raised and trained show dogs and is also a great lover of cats and animals in general. Elizabeth further enjoys acting, reading, and traveling. She hopes to return to Florence one day and write about the artistic and architectural wonders of that city.


Marymount Manhattan College

She graduated summa cum laude after going to school at night for seven years while working full-time as a legal secretary at a prestigious New York City law firm.

University of Pennsylvania Law School

Elizabeth decided to become a lawyer while working as a legal secretary at a well-known New York City law firm and earning her bachelor's degree by taking evening classes at Marymount Manhattan College. One of the counselors at Marymount advised me not to apply to any of the top law schools, let alone an Ivy League School because the top schools did not accept students from Marymount. She is sure she meant well, but all her advice did was make Elizabeth that much more determined to get offered admission to at least one of the top 50 law schools in the country. Penn Law was the highest-ranked school into which she gained admission, but she was also offered admission to four other top 50 schools. That's generally what happens when she is told she cannot do something that she believes she can do.


300 Projects Completed

Elizabeth has been an attorney for 15 years, with her practice focusing on commercial litigation. She has also handled white-collar criminal defense, international human rights matters, antitrust matters, and real estate disputes. Her writing has covered a broad range of topics and expanded her knowledge base, which has made her a well-rounded writer.


15 Projects Completed

Elizabeth's primary focus for the last 15 years has been legal writing, but she has also been a columnist for a national dog club's newsletter, and she has written short stories and poems. She is a versatile, adaptable, and skilled writer who brings her love of the written word to every writing project. Elizabeth is also experienced at meeting deadlines, a necessary skill for a litigator that will serve her well as a freelance writer.

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