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As a flexible, friendly, and client-focused writer, Maya crafts copy that packs a punch for a wide range of clients. From interviewing up-and-coming musical artists to creating template cover letters for recent college grads to publishing researched blog posts for company websites, Maya constantly aims to brush up old skills and pick up new ones.

In writing, Maya tends to focus on lifestyle, self-improvement, and relationships. However, she does not limit herself to these areas of interest. She enjoys researching new topics. In previous work, Maya has written on everything from capsule wardrobes to storage units. She constantly aims to add different topics to her expertise--the more out-of-the-box, the better!
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While Maya's work mostly focuses on lifestyle and culture, she has skillfully created content about a wide range of topics. As long as she can research it, she can write strong content about it. From event planning to entertainment, Maya's knowledge of SEO and strategic keyword placement will ensure that the right eyes find clients' content.


In Maya's personal and professional life, she enjoys learning little-known facts, reading up on the latest social issues, and improving her craft. When she's not typing away on a keyboard, Maya enjoys painting, yoga, watching documentaries about random topics, and keeping her hands busy with her latest crochet project--and untangling the mess of yarn that her cat creates in the process.


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Maya has written blog posts, personal essays, researched articles, web pages, and website copy for a variety of print and web publications over the past five years. Lifestyle, culture, entertainment, and wellness make up the majority of her portfolio, but she is always ready to tackle new themes. Regardless of what type of content she is publishing, Maya's focus stays on the clients' preferences and needs. A job well-done consists of exceeding a clients' expectations in her book.


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From beauty to fashion to organization to entertainment, Maya offers over five years' experience writing about all things lifestyle. Researched articles, blog posts, and blurbs for products are her strong suit. When writing for clients, she aims to capture the clients' brand and tone along with preferred keywords and SEO.


100 Projects Completed

Maya writes with heartfelt authority on issues that matter to the fair sex. From feminism to fashion, she covers the trials and triumphs of being female with grace and gumption. With a wry sense of humor, she broaches challenging subjects without offending readers that may agree to disagree. Maya also enjoys penning researched articles and listicles that appeal to women's interests.

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Maya has created content for both her own professional blog and as a guest blogger for companies and publishers for over five years. Her experience writing about a multitude of topics has built her into an adaptable content creator and a strong researcher.

Maya excels in strategic keyword placement and SEO. Her expert ability to promote products and services in a natural manner through relevant articles makes her an asset to companies and individual clients alike.


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Maya has written researched articles on a variety of topics. From event planning to music reviews to mental health and a whole host of subjects in between, she enjoys researching new areas of interest and writing about old favorites. Her strengths lie in SEO, keyword placement, and crafting irresistible calls-to-action. She excels at blending informative, valuable content with a natural nod to clients' products, services, or expertise.

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