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In recent months, Lewis has written hundreds of thousands of words on behalf of clients, some of whom represented multinational corporations.

Lewis is a highly trained writer, with a bachelor's degree in English and creative writing, and possesses training in direct-response copywriting and persuasion techniques.

Having also received a certificate of recognition from The Royal Shakespeare Company, Lewis certainly has an impressive writing background and the credentials to back it up.

Additionally, Lewis thoroughly understands SEO and combines this with strong writing and direct-response techniques to create work that is more easily discovered on search engines, more likely to be read and more likely to induce action from readers.
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Lewis specialises in writing SEO articles, web page copy, and sales copy. Having trained in direct-response copywriting, Lewis is excellent at writing high-conversion landing pages.

He can also write SEO-focused articles on an enormous range of topics while maintaining accuracy and authority.

Lewis has written close to 1000 articles since becoming a freelancer.


Lewis is interested in behavioural psychology, creative writing and advertising.

These interests have led Lewis to deep understandings that enable him to produce high-quality work that is effective at persuading people when it needs to be.

Lewis is also interested in history, film, architecture, travelling, politics, nutrition, fitness and literature.


Manchester Metropolitan University

Lewis studied at the Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK where he attained his bachelor's degree in English and creative writing. Lewis studies some film modules in addition to his writing modules and he also studies gothic literature.


63 Projects Completed

Lewis has written many articles on marketing topics, including guide books on branding and B2B marketing content.


50 Projects Completed

Lewis has worked closely with a company who created a vitamin supplement that uses a new drug delivery technology called liposomes. Lewis write a significant amount of technical and medical copy on behalf of this client.


30 Projects Completed

Lewis has written many articles on behalf of businesses, such as an extensive guide of resources for entrepreneurs. Lewis also worked with a mergers and acquisitions company based in London, where he created all the copy for their website.


5 Projects Completed

Lewis has a personal interest in spirituality topics and has read the majority of the world's most significant spiritual texts and doctrines. Lewis has a good knowledge of the Bible, the Koran, the Rigveda and many postmodern spiritual concepts.

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502 Projects Completed

Lewis is an expert at created blog posts for businesses, typically for SEO purposes. Lewis can craft well-written, engaging and grammatically perfect posts.


50 Projects Completed

Lewis can utilise his knowledge of persuasion psychology, consumer behaviour and copywriting to craft ads that compel action from readers.

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