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Halden has earned a bachelor's degree in English with a concentration in creative writing. He has a comprehensive background of writing original stories. He received a certification as a digital marketing specialist from Money Mouth Marketing. Having completed two internships, he can develop a marketing strategy and execute it using social media. His greatest strengths are creativity, writing, email marketing, copywriting, and research.


Halden's writing specialties are creative writing, copywriting, and email marketing.


Halden is interested in writing narratives about adventure. He loves to create 3D art using Blender animation software. He is also interested in gaming, cardio, and movies.


Georgia State University

Create powerful stories that engage readers emotionally
Outstanding writer that uses an extensive vocabulary to appeal to readers
Superb conceptual thinker that uses copy to drive engagement
Ability to create cohesive stories that communicate a key message
Creative thinker that executes profound grammar and descriptive language
Demonstrated excellent organizational and time management skills


5 Projects Completed

Halden has successfully completed two marketing internships. His time with Money Mouth Marketing taught him how to use Canva and Wrike. He designed landing pages and created lead magnets. He was able to identify the keywords that were relevant to the products and services of the e-learning industry.

The second internship with Lisa Nicole Cloud involved creating a comprehensive marketing strategy and executing it with social media. Halden assisted in creating a social calendar and executed daily social media activities that would drive engagement. He used cold calling and MailChimp to drive more sales.


10 Projects Completed

Halden wrote articles for the e-learning industry. He encouraged potential consumers to invest in online courses. These courses would enable consumers to earn an income remotely allowing them to leave their 9 to 5 jobs. Ultimately, they would achieve financial freedom and pursue the path of becoming their own boss.

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