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NEW 11/19/2021
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Chris is an experienced author and writer. He has published two books and has extensive writing experience. He has served in the military and in the business industry. He also has experience teaching and can interact with a variety of topics. Able to write on a variety of topics, Chris is a flexible writer.


Chris is able to write about history, politics, government, faith, and business.


Chris enjoys reading, writing, hiking, and sending time with his family.


Clarks Summit University

Wesely College


4 Projects Completed

Chris has taught in a variety of contexts, including the middle school, high school, and college levels. He has instructed middle school and high school students on history, economics, and political science. At the college level, he has taught business and entrepreneurship.


2 Projects Completed

Chris has written and published two books, both in the realm of theology. He can address various topics and present them in easy-to-understand ways for his readers. Chris’ first book involved the mandates for church services to cease meeting. His second book is related to the intersection of faith and politics.

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