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Jym has been writing as a hobby since high school, where he took Creative Writing to fill out his English requirement and discovered a passion. Between founding a writing club in college, joining writing groups in adulthood, and noodling around with sci-fi/fantasy short stories, participating in NaNoWriMo, and occasional journaling, there was never a point in his life he wasn't writing. Deciding only within the last year to make a go of it as a career, Jym has quickly demonstrated a propensity for professional quality wordcraft and an eagerness to excel. With a flair for paraphrasing complex topics into easily understood English and wax poetic with true agility, he is a writer for the left-minded and right-brained alike.
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The bulk of his work thus far is non-fiction and ad copy, with a surprising number of interviews/biographies that have come back with glowing praise. Capable and fast as he may be in those fields, the topics he loves get a little extra love you just can't fake. With a lifelong love of speculative fiction that gives him a vivid voice when it comes to pure imagination, there is not a topic or concept he won't explore. When it's science fiction, it's a hard science, internally consistent fantasy based on folklore or mythology, both shot through with thoughtful parallels and the exploration of interesting ideas. Specializing in YA, short story, and Epic formats.


An avid reader, the birth of his daughter and subsequent years at home taking care of her allowed for the development of a hobby into a career. Jym is also a gamer in the complete sense of the term: video and tabletop games, board, party, and card games, too. Jym enjoys social, family, and any creative diversions, too. Nature and science are a close second, with hiking, camping, and museums all providing relaxation and stimulation.

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Jym has written several self-help books as a ghostwriter, in the field of self-love, addiction recovery, and sales/success-oriented living. Having read many of them in the past, certain trends and similarities became obvious, making the topic fun for him to explore, attempting to find new concepts and reinvent old ones. Varying his tone between professional and causal depending on client request, Jym is capable of providing any tone and delivery you like.

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Paid or pleasure, Jym will happily put his words in your mouth for a modest fee as a ghostwriter. Should you choose to list him as an editor, researcher or co-author, you get a few more revision passes and possible a small discount.


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Having a lifelong love of learning means James has read so many non-fiction and informative essays, the flow, and style of article-type content is second nature to him. James has even described his normal train of thought as Stand-up Documentarian, so pouring meaningful content into entertaining text is not only a skill he can employ but fun, too.


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Sci-fi, Fan fic, biography, and more, Jym has completed a few books of at least 20,000 words. ALways clear, witty, and engaging, Jym's lifelong love of reading has created an innate eye for way looks good on the page.

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