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Corrin is writing strong for health and spirituality brands. Onboard as a blog writer for an alternative health website she gets to propose and write about a wide variety of topics from herbs and oils to astrology. She is also a contributor to the spirituality section of a Women-focused blog discussing topics to get beginners started on their journey.
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Corrin specializes in creating educational pieces. From standard posts to long-form, and how-to guides. With her eagerness to share her passion she is able to propose desirable topics that educate with in-depth, easy-to-understand information. With her work, she is able to take a topic and create an outline that is easy to navigate and follow for proper readability.


Corrin is interested in getting people thinking about alternative possibilities to their health and spiritual practices. She loves the practice of yoga and its lessons, as well as the magic and possibilities of our human existence in the universe. She hopes to inspire people to be open to new possibilities.


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Corrin excels when given the opportunity to write on topics she is passionate about. This shows in her spiritual work as it directly relates to her real-life practices and interests.

A popular request from her, which she has been given the opportunity to do numerous times, is topics on crystals and gemstones for their metaphysical properties.

Her knowledge extends into New Age beliefs, Witchcraft, Yoga philosophy, astrology, and more.


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As a weekly writer for an alternative health site, Corrin is proposing and creating topics all the time to discuss old and new methods for improving health.

Topics she has covered include herbalism for colds, aromatherapy at home, yoga for sore backs, to more personal beliefs such as healing with crystals.

Self Help

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Self-Help can be a spectrum. What and how one chooses to take as their path to self-help depends on their own experiences and interests.

Corrin likes to take an alternative approach when viewing self-help. Her personal experience with yoga asana and meditation has driven her to a whole new approach that works great alone or with modern medicine.

When writing on self-help topics, Corrin has had the opportunity to share her experiences by shedding light on how practices like meditation are beneficial to the mind, as well as other natural-based practices we can incorporate for a calmer state of living. She even enjoys looking into how people work astrology into their lives for making decisions and better understanding themselves.


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The majority of Corrin's experience is in writing articles. She has ghostwritten articles for numerous clients on a one-time basis on a wide variety of topics from sports, to gardening and business. She is confidently capable at researching and creating compelling outlines filled with valuable information.

However, her preference is to work with topics to do with alternative health, spirituality, and occasionally women and LGBTQ-related issues and discussions.

Currently, she is onboard with a couple of websites as their weekly writer for health and spirituality.

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