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Frederick has 10 years' worth of experience in writing and blogging. His areas of writing expertise include film/TV theory and criticism, world history, sports, and more. As the son of a copyeditor and proofreader, Frederick is passionate about having a creative and fluid writing style and an eye for detail. Since 2017, he has also contributed sports blogs to, a website dedicated to promoting the growth of "Footy" (Australian Rules Football) internationally. He lives in California.
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Film/TV reviews, world history, sports, music, current events


Frederick enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics -- nothing too big or too small! When he isn't writing, you can typically find him enjoying a hike, traveling, watching sports or spending time with friends and family.


New Mexico State University

In August 2015, Frederick received his Bachelor's in Creative Media with a concentration in digital film from the Creative Media Institute for Film & Digital Arts, which is part of the College of Arts & Sciences at New Mexico State University.


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As a lifelong lover of film and someone with experience in the entertainment industry, Frederick brings a wealth of experience when it comes to analyzing, discussing, and debating film/TV projects. If you need meaningful entertainment industry news or film reviews, Frederick will deliver the goods, and then some.


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Frederick's experience as a sports writer largely stems from his newfound passion, Australian Rules Football. After watching a YouTube video in 2015, Frederick became hooked on this unique sport and shortly afterward started blogging about Aussie Rules, which led to a gig with In addition to bringing an American perspective to this uniquely Australian game, Frederick has also written about college football, the NFL, and other sports.

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Frederick has a solid background of experience in blogging, having maintained his own blog since 2011 while focusing on a wide variety of topics. If you need Frederick's services, you are sure to receive a thorough, well-written, and detailed blog.

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