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Ashley B
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Ashley B began passionately exploring her love for writing in high school, where she regularly contributed to the yearly creative writing collection and developed a uniquely strong, observant, and humorous voice that appealed to her peers and teachers. She is especially proud of eliciting robust laughter from an undersize room full of stern parents (most of whom were not her own), despite dark subject matter, during a reading her sophomore year. After graduating she pursued another love, for aesthetics, at the Academy of Art University where she received her BFA in Fashion Design. She fine-tuned her artistic eye and sartorial ingenuity across a number of freelance designer jobs, enjoying the opportunity to work with some of the world's most well known brands. Ultimately deciding to combine her two loves, she began to write hundreds of articles on how to dress, what to look for in the latest styles, and profiles of designers and collections; they were published on several websites. In addition, she broadened her scope to include hundreds of informative snippets, general advice, and product descriptions for shopping, home improvement, and lifestyle websites. She is currently vacillating between starting a personal blog about reinventing oneself, and a collection of short stories inspired by her own misadventures as a curious, accident-prone, and headstrong youth.

Ashley B has experience writing on an extensive collection of topics: fashion, style, beauty, fitness, food, entertainment, interior design, lifestyle advice, and home improvement. She uses her unremitting curiosity to expand her fluency on a growing number of subjects, and her wry observational humor to create informative, entertaining, and memorable articles that appeal to the often bored, but intelligent internet-savvy public. She is adept at adopting a professional, informational, and clear voice, though her favorite projects allow for creative and playful exposition.
Consumer Goods


Ashley has experience with content marketing, product reviews, advice articles, romance copy, and informational snippets. She has written on food, lifestyle, design, fashion, beauty, travel, and gardening topics; and she is always looking to expand her areas of expertise. Humorous composition is her personal favorite, but she is as adept at professional and formal writing as well as conversational.


In addition to writing, fashion, and design, Ashley has a healthy devotion to a number of other crafts, hobbies, and time wasters. She adores television, film, and literature (especially the classics), and has been known to occasionally develop an embarrassingly strong attraction to a fictional character. She also loves to cook and bake, and looks for any excuse to indulge her friends in meals and treats. The freedom to experiment inherent in cooking is especially appealing, though the strict measurements and necessary balance of reactions in baking is equally attractive. When she is not writing romance copy or creating new works of culinary delight, Ashley is often found trying to develop her less than formidable crochet skills, pursuing her treadmill dreams of one day running a half marathon, or good-naturedly arguing the merits of portion control with her pet cat, Rufus.


Academy of Art University

Ashley attended the Academy of Art University beginning the fall of 2003. Though she took additional courses in photography, illustration, and knitwear, her main focus and core workload was in women’s fashion design. She studied the human form, learned pattern making, sewing, and design, and experimented with color theory before graduating in 2007 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Fashion Design.


1,192 Projects Completed

Fashion is Ashley's first love, and her BFA in Fashion Design is proof of her dedication to the subject. With her robust knowledge of fashion terminology, the design process, and seasonal trend direction developed from years of freelance design work and personal devotion, Ashley has set about using her fashion acumen to help men and women dress, shop, and accessorize like professional stylists. Her sartorial expertise and talent for writing engaging and revelatory articles has resulted in over 1000 published pieces on the subject to date.


514 Projects Completed

Ashley B writes extensively on beauty products, treatments, and routines for both men and women. She offers personal advice, discusses trends, researches testimonials, and provides usage information that clarifies often difficult to decipher directions. She also emphasizes important messages of warning when a procedure or chemical is known to be dangerous. This combination of helpful elucidation, knowledgeable recommendation, and advocacy for safety make her articles and descriptions creditable, entertaining, and informative.

Consumer Goods

503 Projects Completed

Ashley B has written over 500 articles and snippets that describe the merits, disadvantages, unique selling points, and usefulness of a broad variety of consumer goods. Some examples of the type of products include electronics, furniture, tools, toys, and clothing. Her writing style is professional, straightforward, and informative. She appeals to consumers by speaking plainly, without condescending or pitching. Her articles occasionally utilize light humor, but are intended to reveal the true purpose and desirability of a good or product without resorting to hard-sell language.


57 Projects Completed

Ashley's experience writing on food mainly covers recommendations for, and advice on, recipes for different occasions, such as party planning, easy weeknight dinners, and healthy but delicious lighter fare. Ashley's personal love for cooking, baking, and dining out helps drive her passion for writing on the subject. Her experienced but accessible voice speaks to foodies of all backgrounds and interests, whether they are lovers of eating or creating.


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