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Dan has been writing for businesses and brands for over five years, specialising in blogs and articles. Dan is also competent at writing effective web copy.

Dan loves nothing more than being given a subject, topic, or keyword and getting to work researching for a blog. Rigorously researched and straight to the point, Dan's blogs are always bang on the money.

Furthermore, Dan has an outstanding grasp of the English language and grammatical rules – knowing which ones to break and when. Because after all, weren't rules made to be broken? Especially if they make a blog easier to read for the audience.

Dan has been working as a freelance writer since the start of 2021, picking up clients online and giving them the best he can. Dan runs a successful freelance writing business, offering blogs, articles, web copy, and case studies.

Prior to working as a freelance writer, Dan was a marketing executive for a number of companies. This was where he cut his teeth writing for businesses, customers, and brands. Here, Dan uncovered the inner workings of writing for SEO and humans simultaneously.

At school, Dan studied English Language and Literature, finding his love of writing through creative writing lessons and essay writing. It's no coincidence that he became a writer after his early success in school, strutting his stuff for his teachers to see when he wasn't spending his spare time pretending to be a rock star.

Dan is gifted at writing engaging copy and content for his clients, and always treats those that come to him with respect and honesty.
Human Resources
Blog Post


Dan specialises in writing blogs and articles on marketing practices, human resources, mental health, sport, and music.

Dan has a passion for all of the above, and can speak from personal experience, too.

Dan loves nothing more than being given a subject, topic, or keyword and getting to work researching for a blog. Rigorously researched and straight to the point, Dan's blogs are always bang on the money.

In addition, Dan is able to craft engaging case studies to showcase brand success stories. This is an underrated area of marketing that acts as a form of social proofing.


Dan is an avid rugby fan and player. Dan watches as much rugby as he can, in between training and fitness sessions for playing rugby. This helps to keep Dan fit and healthy and managing his Bipolar Disorder.

Dan is passionate about advocating for mental health awareness, as living with Bipolar Disorder has taken its toll on him in the past. This means that Dan is well placed to have an opinion on mental health matters through personal experience.

Dan is also a passionate music fan, with a large and growing vinyl record collection. Dan enjoys rock and roll, Country, Americana, Blues, Soul, Jazz, and Indie genres. Some of Dan's favourite artists are Bruce Springsteen, Paul Weller, The Gaslight Anthem, Sam Fender, Jason Isbell, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, and many, many more.

On top of all of the above, Dan is also a keen reader. Dan particularly enjoys historical fiction.


The Sandon Sixth Form

Study of the English language and its associated literature. Completed with a B grade.

Mercia Partnerships

Study of digital marketing and associated marketing techniques, including SEO and copywriting.

Human Resources

10 Projects Completed

Dan has written a large number of articles for a multi-national recruitment company, Indeed, as well as other clients. These articles covered a wide range of human resources topics, including:

- Strategic Human Resources Management
- New Hire Welcome Packs
- What is a Casual Worker
- Retirement Age in the UK
- A-Level Equivalents
- Maternity and Paternity Leave in the UK

Dan is able to research a human resources topic thoroughly and present information in an easy-to-read manner, based on the facts available.


10 Projects Completed

Dan has written a number of blogs, articles, and case studies on various subjects within the marketing sector including:

- Guerilla Marketing
- Digital Marketing Strategies
- SEO content writing
- Growth marketing
- Lead generation


5 Projects Completed

Dan has completed a number of articles in the finance sector, including:

- Licensing and planning
- Benchmarking salaries
- Retained earnings
- How to build business credit
- UK small business grants

Blog Post

25 Projects Completed

Dan runs a successful freelance writing business, serving his clients with well-researched and engaging blog posts and articles.

Dan is also able to turn success stories into engaging case studies with a story.

Dan has also been writing for brands and businesses in previous employment for over five years. This gives Dan the required experience and knowledge to offer the best quality he can when it comes to engaging blog posts that work for both search engines and humans.

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