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Desere has been creating website content since 2014. She has covered a myriad of topics, from how-to articles to in-depth discussions of digital marketing strategies and computer video game reviews. As a freelancer, she learned how to do thorough and proper research and always writes content that represents her clients and their goals.


Desere is knowledgeable in creating engaging and interesting content that is also informative and professional. She is best at writing digital marketing articles, entertainment-based articles, and covering topics relating to computer video games. However, she is always willing to learn about new topics and finds it enjoyable to do research and find out more about the world.


Desere has many interests, but the written word is her passion. She enjoys sharing knowledge with others through her writing, as well as expressing herself with creative stories. She loves bringing worlds to life with well-chosen words and painting pictures through the use of just the right phrases and verbs. That does not mean she shies away from more technical topics, though.


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Desere has been writing about digital marketing for a few years now and learned a lot about the many elements of this form of advertising. She enjoys doing research about the latest trends in digital marketing and discovering creative ways of using social media in marketing and writing about what she learned.


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Desere has written about entertainment with a focus on celebrities and their everyday lives. She is able to use social media content to create engaging stories and give behind-the-scenes glimpses at the lifestyles and hobbies of the famous.


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Desere is passionate about gaming and uses her own experiences as a gamer to help her find interesting angles and ideas to write about. She is also able to take an analytical look at games and write guides on how to make the most of players' time spent playing. One of her articles has been published by a gaming magazine, From Gamers.


270 Projects Completed

Articles are what Deseré is best at because it's what she has been doing for most of her freelancing career. She is also the ghostwriter of a romantic novel but feels her talents lie in article writing.

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