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Tink has a 2:1 BA Hons Degree in English Literature from Roehampton University in South-West London.
She is finishing her Level 4 Copywriting Diploma form the College of Media and Publishing.
She is currently studing at the London School of Journalism in Feature and Content Writing.
She has been published in a number of publications including Buzzfeed, Spark Magazine and The Thought Journal.
She has written content for a number of businesses' including Farewill and Cheapskate.


Tink specialises in;
Blog Posts
Long-From Essays
Short Stories


Tink is currently working on her novel about three miellenial women carring out a bank heist.
When she is not writing she enjoys abosorbing stories in other forms such as film, tv, theatre and literature.
She is an avid knitter and calligrapher and is currently taking watercolour classes.
She lives in East London with her partner and enjoys running along the canals, sushi and sustainable fashion.


Roehampton University

I studied English Literature for 3 years. From Shakespeare, to Film and Theatre to Creative Writing modules. I also studied American Literature at the University of North Carolina for a Semester.

College of Media and Publishing

She is currently studying for her Diploma in Copywriting.


3 Projects Completed

Tink's favourite kind of writing is based on her first hand experience. From London to friendships to work to family. She likes to write about her lived experience and how that has informed her world view of the current climate. She is a vegan and enjoys writing about sustainability and her passion for animal rights.


2 Projects Completed

Tink is a woman and has written first person articles and blogs of her experience. Focusing on relationships, technology and millenial life. She enjoys writing about the world through her lense and sharing her experiences. She likes to focus on the trials and tribulations with humour, tenacity, and grit.


1 Projects Completed

Tink has first hand experience of modern world dating online and in person. She enjoys writing about these experiences and sharing both the lightness and struggle with dating. Now that she is in a relationship she also likes sharing the other side of the coin, and her experiences of what happens once you have found love.


3 Projects Completed

Tink has written articles for lots of publications both paid and unpaid. She likes writing articles as they give her length and creative freedom to write a compelling piece of copy.

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