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Madeline has spent the majority of her career writing in some capacity. As a journalist, she rose through the ranks in the newsroom, quickly being promoted into a management role. Since then, Madeline has worked as a freelance reporter and content writer and volunteered as an editor at a non-profit. She was introduced to the world of copywriting during her stint as a digital programmatic sales representative, where she learned about SEO and digital marketing.
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Madeline has specialized in creating law and medical industries content, respectively. She previously completed projects either enhancing or creating content for websites utilizing SEO. As a previous reporter, she is open to assignments that necessitate research.


Madeline enjoys tending to her many houseplants in the home she shares with her partner, G, and dog, J. When she is not reading or writing, she enjoys watching movies, trying out new recipes in the kitchen, and spending time with her family.


University of Kansas


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Madeline has written about several medical topics throughout her career. As a journalist, she conducted thorough research to report on Chiari malformation, a medical condition that the local community raised funds for. When Madeline transitioned into a career as a freelance copywriter, her favorite assignments were those of a medical nature. While contracted to optimize SEO, she created website content for an allergist and a plastic surgeon, respectively.


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Marketing is an industry that Madeline has been heavily involved in over her career, but not one that she has completed a portfolio of. From her studies, Madeline has been exposed to the theoretical aspects of marketing and has had the opportunity to test these hypotheses with A/B testing and other analytical methods.


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While Madeline learned how to write articles for a newspaper, she has learned how to adapt her writing style to suit online readers.

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Madeline has created multiple web pages for clients in varying industries. She uses SEO tactics to help clients gain attention on the Internet. She has created content for the legal, real estate, healthcare, and home living industries.

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