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Haley's interest in writing began in college as a journalism major at the University of Missouri. Although she switched majors and graduated with a degree in Business, she excelled at her business writing courses and writing investment recommendations. Since graduating in 2016, Haley has sought out professional opportunities to demonstrate her writing skills and flex her creativity. She has developed web sites, written business plans, financial reports, blogs, technical papers, presentations, and newsletters. Her skills continue to sharpen and she hopes one day to write a non-fiction book of her own with the purpose of educating and helping others.


Haley has demonstrated success in producing multiple web-sites for non-profit organizations and small businesses. She not only curates the site design but works closely with clients to understand the organization's purpose to clearly convey it's message to the public.

Haley has also worked with countless clients on resume development and review. She has a knack for pulling details from clients prior experience so that they can present themselves in the best possible manner to potential employers.

Finally, Haley has written papers, technical briefs, and presentations on a variety of business, development, and social topics in professional settings. Her work is often referenced by colleagues and superiors indicating her ability to provide concrete information that teams can rely on.


Haley has always been passionate for the outdoors and making a positive impact on the world. She is an avid hiker, runner, kayaker, climber, and novice skier. Her passion for purpose has taken her across the globe supporting humanitarian and international development projects for youth and women. However, she maintains a keen eye on the private sector too. During college, Haley studied business and investment banking and has always been interested in entrepreneurship, business management, and financial analysis.


5 Projects Completed

Haley has written, and delivered, multiple lesson plans on the topic of career development aimed at teenage and college age students. She is deeply interested in helping young people to achieve their goals, realize their potential, and understand the opportunities that are available to them.


5 Projects Completed

Haley has experience writing for private and non-profit organizations. She has developed presentations, technical papers, financial reports, and newsletters. She has also spent time researching and analyzing stock prices and producing investment recommendation papers.


25 Projects Completed

Haley has extensive experience writing and reviewing resumes. She has offered her expertise to friends, family, colleagues, and clients and enjoys the process of helping them to find a new job. She has spent time on the hiring side of organizations and understands what employers are looking for in a resume. Haley understands that the resume is an important document meant to grab the employer's attention enough to invite the candidate for an interview.

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