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Paul has written a guidebook for teenagers on the autism spectrum to learn to socialise properly, essays at university and two books during the pandemic (account of life with autism, knowing psychotherapy and linguistics), and a modified textbook.
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Paul writes about autism/disability, linguistics (semantics), education and Catholicism.


Paul enjoys writing about semantics, literature, Catholicism and autism.

Paul enjoys reading, walking and exercise.


Australian National University


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Most of Paul's paid employment has been in offices due to his autism.

Paul has transcribed documents, prepared spreadsheets and written articles in his home office. Paul has also written books in his home office and appreciates the ability to concentrate on work alone, rather than be distracted by others. Paul does not like working with others unless the work is collaborative.


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Although Paul is not a qualified teacher, his autism means that he has by now spent 25 years around teachers at school and university and and think as they do. Paul's late grandfather was a lecturer, so he was an influence also.

Paul's account of his life with autism, which also teaches what Paul learned in psychotherapy - Acceptance and Commitment Therapy - and in semantics - the Natural Semantic Metalanguage - teach autistics and others better communication and emotional management.

Self Help

1 Projects Completed

Paul's articles on not worrying, interacting in lockdown and the use of illocutionary force can also be regarded as self help documents.

This is because Paul learned Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. This is behavioural therapy which teaches that feelings are feelings, thoughts are thoughts, to defuse negative emotions, and to accept what you feel. choosing a valued direction to go in.

This is expressed in these articles in simple language.


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Paul has published articles on pragmatics and illocutionary force. Paul wrote an article in the local Catholic newspaper entitled 'Why Worry?' around the start of the pandemic, which addressed fearfulness of the COVID19 pandemic in relation to Matthew 6:24-34.

Paul wrote an article about pragmatics and literal speech to communicate during the pandemic. The article was translated into Italian and used to educate medical doctors in their care of COVID 19 patients.

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