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Marisa has seven years of writing experience. She has written for various online publications. Her first article was published while Marisa was still studying at university. Marisa is skilled in writing about a variety of topics, including, but not limited to health and wellness, entertainment, gender and pop culture, and current events.


Marisa has a variety of writing specialities. She is highly versed in SEO writing. She also specializes in blog writing.


Marisa is interested in many forms of writing. While her bachelor's degrees are in English Literature and Women's and Gender Studies, Marisa enjoys researching many different topics to write. Additionally, Marisa is highly interested in fitness and nutrition. Not only does she apply this interest to her daily routine, but she also writes about these topics.


The College of New Jersey

Marisa studied at The College of New Jersey in Ewing, New Jersey. While this university is known as a teaching college, Marisa studied alongside some of the most intelligent professors for English Literature and Journalism and Creative Writing. In her four years at TCNJ, Marisa perfected her skills as a writer, and even fell in love with Women's and Gender Studies and feminism. Through both majors, she was able to discover a true sense of self, and the desire to help others through her writing.


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Marisa has seven years of experience in the publishing industry. Not only has she published blog posts, but she has also published countless amounts of articles of various kinds. Marisa helped the founder of an online publication edit and publish articles from many writers on that site.


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Marisa has written a few articles on the fitness industry. Her first article centered around the ever-involving industry, and how it's assisting women in recovering from eating disorders. Her second fitness article was a personal article. Marisa discussed how fitness helped her recover from her own eating disorder. The remainder of her articles focused on the benefits of certain types of fitness. Overall, Marisa has an array of experience in the fitness industry.


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Before becoming a writer, Marisa flourished in the field of education. She has two years of experience in the classroom, and takes that experience when writing articles on the topic. She understands the different types of schooling, learning styles, and benefits for school aged children.


300 Projects Completed

Although Marisa prides herself on being a blog writer first, the content type she completes most is article based. One can find a variety of article content from Marisa C on many different online publications. She has written articles surrounding fitness, entertainment, feminism, health and wellness, mental health, and the music industry.

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