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Ben V has over 25 years of professional writing and editing experience, especially in technology and business. He earned his bachelor's degree in philosophy and English in 1983, and spent an additional two years studying philosophy at the Ph.D. level. Since then he has been continuously engaged on the leading edge of digital communications technology: networked computing in the late 1980s, desktop and digital publishing and printing in the early 1990s, and web communication and Internet marketing in all its forms from the mid-1990s to the present. Most recently, Ben's work as a project manager, account manager, and business development officer for an internet marketing and technology firm have given him extensive writing experience in a business context. His marketing communications skills include content development, business proposal writing, social media, search marketing (SEO), email marketing, and more.

In addition to technology and business, Ben's subject-matter expertise, gained through both professional experience and personal interest, spans a wide range of topics, including travel, travel technology, politics, government, public policy, ethics, family and relationships, outdoor recreation, martial arts, fitness, general health, health-related scientific research, literature, and more.

Ben's approach to writing is based on making a connection with the target audience. Clarity and accuracy are essential, but even more important is an understanding of how to make the message, the ideas, or the information click for the reader. While the writer must know his or her subject matter, he or she also must understand the audience: know what knowledge or ideas they already have, and understand what it will take to move them from where they are to where the writer wants them to be. Ultimately, successful communication is not about transmitting the message--it's about making sure the message is received.
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Ben is particularly experienced in writing business communications, including proposals, RFP responses, white papers, specifications documents, case studies, blogs, and more. He also writes and edits content, including feature articles, newsletters, marketing copy, web content, and video scripts.

Ben's subject-area expertise includes business, technology, Internet marketing, travel, travel technology, politics, public policy, ethics, fitness and health, bio/medical science, and Internet culture.


Ben's interests include literature, philosophy, politics and public policy, fitness, film, music, hiking and backpacking, and Internet culture.


Hope College

Honors and activities include Phi Beta Kappa, Model United Nations (director), and college literary magazine (editor).

University of Michigan

Concentration in ethics and aesthetics.


107 Projects Completed

Ben V has been immersed in digital communications technology continuously for over 25 years--since the earliest days of desktop publishing and pre-web internet protocols all the way through to the current wave of software as service, service-based architectures, and social media integration. Over the past 10 years especially he has drawn on this long perspective to bring insight and focus to the application of the newest technologies over a wide range of industries and projects. As a project manager, business analyst, and business development officer for an internet technology company, Ben has worked with and written about an enormous range of technologies, especially including web platforms, databases, content management systems, CRM systems, email marketing campaign tools, and more.

Web Development

101 Projects Completed

Ben V first held the job title of Webmaster in January 1996, at the very tip of the dot-com explosion and the commercialization of the World Wide Web. Since then his titles have included things like Manager of Internet Marketing, Senior Manager of E-Commerce Marketing, and Senior Web Producer. In short, Ben has been developing websites, web applications, and web marketing programs continuously for over 16 years. His experience includes every aspect of web development: writing business and technical specifications, developing original web content, directing graphical and user interface (UI) design (including information architecture), working with content management systems (CMS), designing and conducting user testing, designing and conducting quality assurance (QA) testing, designing and implementing search marketing (SEO and SEM) campaigns, integrating back-end systems, integrating social media, and measuring results and ROI.


100 Projects Completed

For the past 12 years Ben has served as a project manager, business analyst, and senior business development officer for an internet technology company. This work frequently comprises deep dives into the business needs of clients in a wide range of industries, including travel, travel technology, marketing, pharmaceuticals, government services, ecommerce, consumer retail, insurance, publishing, sports and fitness, furniture, trucking, and more. In the course of this work Ben has written hundreds of business communication pieces, including responses to RFPs, new business proposals, scope of work documents, project status reports, business contracts, risk assessments, quality assurance test plans, and more.


31 Projects Completed

Ben V has written original marketing content for a variety of channels in a number of industry verticals. His work includes web content, direct email/CRM campaigns, blogs, video scripts, case studies, white papers, online banner ads, print ads, paid search ads (SEM), print brochures, SEO campaigns, and more. In addition to creating content, through his role as project manager and producer he has conceived, directed, and executed the marketing campaigns surrounding the content, so he has a thorough understanding of the complete marketing cycle, from concept, through design and execution, to the measurement of results and tracking of ROI.


80 Projects Completed

In his role as senior business development officer for the past 12 years, Ben's primary responsibility has been to write business proposals, including everything from informal email pitches to extensive, formal responses to RFPs, and everything in between. He is extremely adept at gaining an understanding of the client's needs and objectives, shaping an appropriate solution to meet those goals, and crafting a written proposal that communicates depth of understanding and the quality of the proposed solution. His proposals frequently draw unsolicited compliments from clients on their clarity, thoroughness, and attention to detail.

Blog Post

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As a senior marketing officer for an internet technology and marketing company, Ben has contributed to the marketing effort by writing original blog entries and editing the entries written by other staff members.

White Paper

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Ben has written detailed white papers related to his extensive work in the field of travel technology.

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