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Molly S. became a passionate writer in the 2nd grade when she was assigned to pen naturalistic stories on the lifestyles of her favorite woodland creatures. Since then, Molly has written newspaper profile pieces and worked on various magazines, including acting as an assistant editor for In This Place, a youth magazine with content surrounding the outdoors and survival skills. In 2011, Molly studied abroad for a semester on the east coast of Australia, during which she wrote an extensive investigative journalism piece tracing the origins of a local, organic meal. At Vassar College, Molly studied a myriad of subjects ranging from English and environmental studies to psychology and education. After graduating with a B.A. in psychology and concentrations in education and creative writing, Molly gained her certification in Elementary Education and began working on an educational farm in Central Massachusetts as a middle school math, science, social studies, and writing teacher. Molly continues writing as a freelancer and hobbyist, and is currently working with the Women's Flat Track Derby Association as a content editor for their game recaps and online articles.


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After graduating with a double major in psychology and education, Molly is became certified as an elementary school teacher in the state of New York. Molly's life-long interest in becoming an educator, along with her experience with alternative and environmental education, has given her a unique perspective into the field. She currently works as a teacher at a farm-based education program in central Massachusetts.


Food is an area where culture and environment collide, and as such is one of Molly's most prevalent interests. Molly is an experienced cook, creating local, organic dishes as both a hobby and a job (catering meals for a 50+ person institution). For the past few years, Molly has trained with a professional New York chef, formerly employed by Martha Stewart. Molly also has a special penchant for baking.

Green Living

Molly has spent a large amount of time studying green living and sustainability in school, abroad, and through her job as an organic farm educator. She has particular interests and experience in rooftop farming and other unexpected forms of urban agriculture, but also revels in the delights and challenges of greening domestic interiors and everyday living practices.


For the past 21 years Molly has traveled extensively with family, friends, and solo throughout the world, camping and backpacking along the way. She has logged many thousands of miles on cross-country road trips, sampled cuisine and culture across the Americas, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Oceania, and tried her very best to immerse herself into the life of every land she visits. More than anything else, travel defines her self and instructs her philosophy.


Molly has worked on a variety of farms from the time she was young. Her love for sustainable agriculture stems from her time spent on her friend's Colorado ranch, her work with the Poughkeepsie Farm Project in upstate New York, WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) and volunteer experience in eastern Australia, and an extensive, twelve-year relationship with the Farm School in central Massachusetts. Molly has spent her past five summers at the Farm School, working in the barn, forest, fields, and garden with students ranging from ages ten to twenty.

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