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Lisa has been a writer for as long as she can remember. Writing is the one thing she can do for hours that never feels like work.

Lisa wrote several articles for her high school newspaper and ran an unauthorized, underground newspaper with several classmates at her college. Their publication was similar to the style of The Onion.

These days she primarily writes blog posts but also writes general content for small business websites. (Ex: bio/profile of the business owner, general info about the business and services they provide.)

Lisa owns and operates a personal blog that focuses on motivational, self-help topics.

In her day job, Lisa is a Search Engine Optimization specialist for a digital marketing firm that manages medical and dental practice clients. She uses keywords and search marketing techniques to help practices attract new patients to their website. She creates keyword pages on their sites, writes meta descriptions, adds custom content, and tracks site traffic and data with Google Analytics and Brightlocal. She also creates and writes Pay Per Click ad campaigns in Google Adwords.
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Lisa primarily writes blog posts but also writes general content for small business websites. (Ex: bio/profile of the business owner, general info about the business and services they provide.)

Lisa enjoys writing listicle blog posts, how to's/tutorials, guides, FAQs, and personal testimonials. Lisa owns and operates a personal blog that focuses on motivational, self-help topics.

Besides blogging, Lisa dabbles in fiction writing and enjoys writing in the horror and science fiction genres.


Besides writing, Lisa enjoys reading, acrylic painting, fishing, nature, binge-watching shows, and spending time with her husband and two dogs.

Some genres and topics she enjoys writing include:


-Self Help
-Mental Health, ADHD
-True Crime/Serial Killers
-Guides and How-To's
-Climate Change


-Science Fiction


Olivet Nazarene University

Lisa attended Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, IL. She received her Bachelor Of Science degree in Art & Digital Media with a concentration on Photography. She minored in Creative Writing.

Search Marketing

15 Projects Completed

Lisa primarily works as a Search Engine Optimization specialist for a digital marketing firm. She has experience using SEO and quality content to promote small businesses online and help them attract new clients. One of the keys to a successful business is the promotion of that business. Using proper search marketing techniques on your website and social media will help you rank higher on search engines and therefore make your business more visible to consumers searching for your product or service. Search marketing helps drive traffic to your business much faster than mere word of mouth.


10 Projects Completed

Lisa has written online content for multiple dental practices. Outside of freelancing on Writer Access, she works full time as an SEO Specialist for a company dedicated solely to digital marketing for dental practice websites.

Besides writing meta descriptions and general web page content for SEO, Lisa has written several blog posts and articles on dental-related topics. Most recently, she wrote about the advantages of Invisalign over traditional braces and the dangers of leaving a tooth abscess untreated. She has also created FAQ pages for specific dental services.

Lisa’s writing style for these sites is of a more conversational and informal nature. The content is meant to connect with potential patients and explain dental services and conditions in a way that’s easy to understand and not too technical.

She also has experience writing landing page copy and setting up Google Ad accounts for dental clients looking to reach potential patients in their area. Lisa has written ad headlines and copy for many campaigns.

Self Help

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Lisa specializes in content that motivates and inspires others to be the best version of themselves. She enjoys sharing personal stories and experiences with her readers to connect with them on a deeper level. Lisa encourages others to self-reflect and not let fear stand in the way of them pursuing and living the life they desire.


3 Projects Completed

Lisa enjoys writing about topics and issues of a more personal nature that matter to everyday people. It may be a blog post encouraging people to find their passions in life, an article exploring a new hobby they want to try, or a post about natural ways to calm anxiety. Lisa understands people and is not afraid to share personal anecdotes to connect with her audience on a personal and emotional level. She loves helping other people to self-reflect and better their lives in any way possible.


2 Projects Completed

Lisa enjoys writing about the importance of pursuing a career that utilizes personal passions and skill sets. Having a career that brings about a sense of purpose, fulfillment, and happiness is crucial to personal success and living your best life.

In today's society, people spend most of their lives working. Does this mean that people should also spend most of their lives on something that makes them miserable? Absolutely not. We all deserve better than that.

Blog Post

12 Projects Completed

Lisa is a self-taught blogger and has completed multiple online courses and programs to learn how to write blogs and how to build, manage, and promote her own personal blog. She understands the importance of having quality content properly formatted with headings and subheadings for easy readability.

Blog readers tend to skim and skip around content so having well-organized content that helps them quickly find the information they are looking for is vital. Beyond organization, content that engages your audience and makes them want to stay on the page and keep reading is even more important.

Now factor into that the idea of keywords and keyword research. Lisa has experience writing with keywords and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind. Knowing what your audience is searching for and strategically placing keywords in your posts (not stuffing them in) helps your ideal audience to find your content. Over time, if you continue to create well-written blog posts that keep your readers coming back for more, you will build trust and credibility with them.

Lisa prides herself on creating well-written, informative, and engaging blog posts for her clients.

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