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Jennifer G earned her Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing at the University of Montana in Missoula. In the daytime, she works as a Marketing, Loan, and Security Officer at a bank where she has worked since 2004. Jennifer also writes and edits the content of her company's newsletter, website, and Facebook page. She has taught writing workshops and participates in many critique groups. Though she considers writing her main pursuit, she entertains a broad spectrum of interests, from her extensive background in the financial industry, to knowledge of music, the arts, cooking, zoology, physics, and astronomy. Writing is the one field in which she can explore and express every corner of the world. As a professional writer, Jennifer looks forward to creating exciting content which engages readers, making them want to read more.


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Jennifer G's Green Living Industry Experience

2 Projects Completed

Jennifer G strives to find environmentally safe alternatives to mainstream living. By promoting these ideals in her writing, Jennifer feels she can do even more good for the environment and everyone living in it; even small changes in our habits can make a big, healthy difference over time. Jennifer has experience writing web page content, copywriting, blog posts, and articles in this field.

Industry Projects

  • Banking500+
  • Health100+
  • Other100+
  • Finance100+
  • Medical100+
  • Office100+
  • Pets50+
  • Green Products20+
  • Business20+
  • Marketing20+
  • Home Living20+
  • Staffing20+
  • Consumer Goods10+
  • Garden10+
  • Food9
  • Beauty7
  • Hospitality7
  • Travel4
  • Craft3
  • Legal2
  • Outdoor/Recreation2
  • Career2
  • Green Living2
  • Kids/Family2
  • Education2

Summary of Industry Experience


Jennifer G has worked in the banking industry since 2004. During her time in finance, she has held many positions: teller, customer service representative and bookkeeper. Jennifer currently holds the positions of security officer, marketing officer, and loan officer. Managing her branch's security and the bank's marketing strategy/content, while also holding the position of lender.
Not only does Jennifer have an extensive background in writing, her personal experience in banking and finance also provides her with a vital understanding of the nuts and bolts of the financial industry. In addition to her duties as a loan officer, Jennifer currently writes and edits the content of the company's website, Facebook page, monthly newsletter, and press releases to customers and employees.


Jennifer G has experience writing articles in the health industry which deal with various topics, which range from healthy eating and living to pain treatment options and chiropractic care. She has also written web content, blog posts, and SEO keyword rich articles within this industry. Jennifer believes that our bodies provide the foundation for our lives; a healthy lifestyle is paramount to success in everything. Through her writing, she hopes to inspire healthy living in more individuals.


Jennifer G. has experience writing in many industries, which are not specifically listed. Willing to research new topics, Jennifer is a perfect fit for writing articles, blog posts, copy, or web page content in any industry.


Jennifer G writes web content for accounting firms and investment companies offering consulting and accounting services. She has also worked in the banking and finance since 2004. She currently holds positions in Commercial and Consumer Lending, Marketing, and Security. Employing the use of SEO keyword strategy, she has written articles about a wide range of topics including tax preparation and consulting, payroll services, accounting services, and investment advice. She also contributes articles regularly to her company's monthly newsletter.


Jennifer G has experience writing content for the medical industry. She has written articles, blog posts, and copy. As interested as the readers, Jennifer enjoys researching and writing about a variety topics for the medical industry. She looks forward to writing and learning more.


Jennifer G. has experience creating written content for the Office Industry. She has written material within the office industry ranging from office-related blog posts to office supply product descriptions. Jennifer looks forward to completing more work in the industry.


Jennifer G enjoys writing articles about pets (advice, tips, and informational). Jennifer has been lucky enough to call herself owner and friend of many animals in her lifetime. She has cared for parakeets, fish, cats, and dogs and Jennifer looks forward to writing more pet-related articles in the future (the furrier, the better).

Green Products

Jennifer has experience writing articles, blog posts, and product descriptions in the green products industry. A passionate proponent and user of green products, Jennifer enjoys writing for the industry.


Jennifer writes content for the business industry. From writing blog posts to fully researched articles, she enjoys using her personal knowledge, industry experience, and learning about new topics to create unique, informative content.


Jennifer has experience writing articles, blog posts, and other content within the marketing industry. She is well-versed in digital marketing and search engine operations. As the head of marketing at the bank where she currently works, Jennifer has the know-how to write knowledgeably for the industry. She looks forward to contributing more content to this quickly growing industry.

Home Living

Jennifer G. is an experienced home living writer. She has written articles and blog posts within this industry.


Experienced in the business world, Jennifer has the knowledge to write pertinent content for the staffing industry. She enjoys using her personal experiences of working in an office environment to bolster the articles she writes.

Consumer Goods

Jennifer G enjoys writing web content for consumer goods companies. She has completed projects in both blog posts and web content ideas. Jennifer's philosophy is that everyone is a consumer; everyone is looking for something to purchase. As long as a product is presented in the right light, it can appeal to almost anyone.


A gardener herself, Jennifer G writes instructive and informative articles and catching web content on gardening. Though she considers herself a seasoned gardener, she believes that even aspiring gardeners without green thumbs can grow beautiful plants with the right guidance and information. In Jennifer's version of the utopia, plants grow everywhere: up the walls, down from the ceilings, and sprouting up at every street corner.


A passionate foodie, Jennifer G enjoys creating great recipes and discovering useful substitutions in the kitchen. Even more than baking alone, Jennifer loves to combine two of her passions food and writing. She has created web content, tips, and published recipes. She also incorporates food and food preparation into many of her short stories and other creative writing projects.


Jennifer G writes SEO blog content within the beauty industry. In addition to writing tips and articles about everyday beauty, she especially enjoys highlighting creative alternatives to normal beauty routines.


Jennifer enjoys writing content for the hospitality industry. She has experience writing articles, e-mail templates, blog posts, and other types of content. She looks forward to contributing more to this industry.


An eternal wanderer, Jennifer G aspires to visit as many places and experience as many cultures as she can during her time on earth. She enjoys travel writing and has written blog posts in the travel industry as well as endless pages of personal travel journals. She enjoys writing journalistic accounts of her experience abroad as well as informative pieces designed to aid in travel planning.


Jennifer G has been an "artsy" type for as long as she can remember. She spent free time in her childhood gluing feathers and pom-poms to various objects. As she grew, her art did too. Jennifer now works with a number of media, painting, crafting mosaics, drawing, and throwing pottery. She has taken numerous classes in fine arts and looks forward to sharing more of her knowledge with the world.


Jennifer G has written web content within the legal industry. The every-changing intricacies of the legal world overwhelm most. Jennifer aspires to inform legally inexperienced individuals through creating reader-friendly legal content, which invites the average person to explore websites and learn more about the legal process and how to obtain legal council.


A native to the outdoors of Montana, Jennifer G has spent many free days in the wilderness. During her time in the outdoors, she has learned much about the goodness and the dangers of nature. She enjoys writing about her experiences and knowlege of outdoor recreation and hopes to encourage many to get outside and explore.


Jennifer G. has written articles and blog posts for the career industry. Her writing content has focused on job search, career development, and education.

Green Living

Jennifer G strives to find environmentally safe alternatives to mainstream living. By promoting these ideals in her writing, Jennifer feels she can do even more good for the environment and everyone living in it; even small changes in our habits can make a big, healthy difference over time. Jennifer has experience writing web page content, copywriting, blog posts, and articles in this field.


Jennifer G. has experience writing within the kids and family industry. She creates lighthearted content which can be fun and relaxing for mothers to read, offering another perspective on motherhood and raising a family.


Jennifer G. has written articles, blog posts, and product descriptions within the education industry. With both professional experience teaching in and personal experience attending educational institutions, Jennifer can provide an extensive perspective through her writing in the education industry.

Product Projects

  • Facebook Post500+
  • Blog Post500+
  • Article500+
  • Web Page100+
  • Press Release50+
  • Twitter Post10+
  • White Paper4

Summary of Product Experience

Facebook Post

Jennifer G. has experience in writing Facebook posts, which stand alone or accompany an article, for companies within varied industries through WriterAccess. Jennifer also has three years of experience exclusively managing and writing the content for a financially-based company's Facebook page.

Blog Post

Jennifer G has created blog posts within numerous and varied industries. She uses the knowledge of the companies provided and personal research to write creative promotional, informative, and evaluative content for her clients.


Jennifer G. has extensive experience researching and writing articles for a number of varied industries and businesses.

Web Page

Jennifer G has extensive experience writing web page content for businesses in a variety of industries.

Press Release

Jennifer has experience writing press releases in several industries such as medical, veterinary, health, business, banking, finance, technology, and others. She is well-versed in both SEO press release writing, tailored to online publishing, and traditional press release format for news publication.

Twitter Post

Jennifer G. has experience in creating Twitter posts, which can stand alone or accompany an article, for a number of businesses within varied industries.

White Paper

Always interested in learning through in-depth research, Jennifer enjoys writing white papers, and looks forward to more opportunities to do so in the future. For Jennifer, the white paper, typically requiring extensive research, presents an occasion for comprehensive learning. These projects require more time and attention. Rather than rapidly jumping from subject to subject, white papers allow a writer to focus exclusively on a single topic for a longer period of time. As a writer, Jennifer enjoys working extensively with the specific topics white papers present.

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