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Lilo has been working remotely for a variety of local and international organizations, as an academic coach, social research consultant, academic/scientific writer, nonfiction ghostwriter (on any topic), web content writer (on any topic), SEO writer & editor, professional proofreader, and editor, subject matter specialist (social science and humanities), and translator English—Dutch—Afrikaans—Flemish.

She has a social science/humanities master's degree, with a specialization in Development Economics. Apart from her fields of academic specialization, her interests are many and varied, including popular science, medicine, nutrition, natural medicine, spirituality, psychology, history, anthropology/culture, linguistics, travel, cuisine, wine, music, genetics, neuroscience, business, and technology. She's written web content on fashion, food, cultural cuisine, travel, health, nutrition, natural healing, mental health, business, economics, social trends, and research of all kinds. Not only does she have more than a basic grasp of these subjects, but she is highly proficient at sourcing additional, high-quality reference material, absorbing it, comprehending it, and writing about it. Lilo is a fast reader and a quick study.

Additionally, she is currently a regular contributor to social scientific/humanities academic journals, both as a writer and a reviewer of articles.
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Lilo loves teaching and making knowledge accessible to students and learners of all ages and backgrounds.

Her background in the social sciences and humanities gives her specialty knowledge in the following subjects:
Social Studies
Gender Studies
Women's Studies
English literature (and just general help with English spelling, grammar, and so forth)
Creative Writing
Languages (she is fluent in four languages)
Global Studies and Globalization
Political Sciences
Social Behavior and Trends
Art, including art history
Anthropology and Studies of World Cultures (including food culture and cuisine)
Performing Arts and Theatre
Urban Planning and Sustainability
Music, and


Lilo's interests are primarily in the social sciences and humanities, where she has a great foundational knowledge of all sub-disciplines in these two categories.

She has a special interest in economics, anthropology, history, and philosophy, as well as social research methodology.

Apart from these, Lilo reads extensively on a wide variety of topics including popular science, medicine, nutrition, natural medicine, spirituality, psychology, history, anthropology/culture, linguistics, travel, cuisine, wine, music, genetics, neuroscience, business, and technology. She's written articles and web content on fashion, food, cultural cuisine, travel, health, nutrition, natural healing, mental health, business, economics, social trends, and research of all kinds.


University of Johannesburg

Development Studies/Applied Economics and Philosophy

University of Johannesburg

Behavioral Economics, Micro- and Macro Economic Theory, Development Theory, Statistics, Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methodology.
Research: “The overlaps between profit and care in community-based organizing”

University of Johannesburg

Behavioral Economics, Micro- and Macro Economic Theory, Quantitative indexing of Quality-of-Life measures. She created an index by testing household circumstance indicators for statistical significance and then including these in a univariate regression model which produced data on the predictive capacity of each indicator in the determination of mental health status when measured with the SRQ20. (The SRQ 20 is an established algorithm used by the WHO and verified for use in SA).
Title: “Socio-economic factors associated with mental health in Johannesburg”


30 Projects Completed

As a graduate in the social sciences, Lilo has worked extensively with community-based groups, the facilitation of community interventions by donors working in poverty relief, HIV/AIDS, clean water, and housing, and has often filled the role of primary contact person between donors and beneficiary organizations.

She also has a diploma as a lay counselor with LifeLine Southern Africa, where she volunteers one weekend per month. With a deep interest in psychology, Lilo has worked as a volunteer at a suicide crisis line, as a face-to-face counselor for young children in foster care, and as an academic coach to high potential high school students to help them achieve the best grades possible in their final exams, decide on what to study and where, and how to access scholarship and international study bursaries.

Lilo still works as an academic coach to high school children and undergraduate students, providing help with the writing of assignments, preparing for tests and exams, and planning for their future careers.


7 Projects Completed

One of Lilo's many interests includes nutrition and healthy eating habits, with a keen interest in the healing and preventative properties of certain vitamins and minerals, the benefits of using certain types of oils instead of others (like staying away from trans-fats and opting instead for fish-olive- or coconut oils ), fresh produce that may aid in the treatment of common chronic conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure, techniques for observing and detecting food allergies in yourself, experimenting with vegetarian cooking, the benefits of diets rich in fish and soya (she has written a blog post on the Okinawa diet), and experimenting on herself with certain types of food or vitamin/mineral supplements to combat common ailments like bacterial infections, influenza, sinus problems, and injured muscles and joints.

She has written one ghostwriting order on the benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids in combination with Melatonin in the treatment of ADHD and insomnia, as well as three web content articles on the value of eating certain fresh produce like beetroot to treat high blood pressure, ginger for stomach ailments and the treatment of ulcers, the importance of gut health and the consumption of probiotics for the prevention of ulcers and chronic stomach difficulties.

She has studied and written about the measurable health effects on babies from mothers who consume certain supplements, such as Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E during pregnancy and lactation.

She is also interested in experimenting with different oils and substances (not just essential oils, but capsicum, chili, garlic, and potato skins) for the topical treatment of wounds, as natural disinfectants, and as massage therapies for injured muscles and joints. She has written a well-received web content article on using potato skins instead of band-aids on open wounds, especially burns, for faster healing, and for preventing that the natural scab formed by the skin over the wound is torn off when removing a plaster—this doesn't happen if you use potato skins, applied while still moist, bandaged, and then removed once they've dried.


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Although Lilo's formal qualifications are in the social sciences, she was hired as a researcher by the Centre for Rural Health in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, where she spent the next 5 years of her life. Initially hired to do monitoring and evaluation research on a donor-funded program, she quickly became fascinated by the medical information on General Family Practice, Emergency Medicine, Pathology, Public Health, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Mental Health/Disorders, and basic medical procedures that can be performed in a doctor's consulting office rather than a hospital—such as elementary diagnosis, suggested pharmaceutical care, suturing, and interpreting simple urine test results—before too long. She took like a duck to water in anatomy, evolutionary biology, and the science of sleep.

In the end, she spent most of her time doing research on medical anthropology and cultural views on Western Biomedicine, Clinical Research Methodology, and Epidemiology. She published and lectured extensively on these three subjects in both the Department of Family Medicine and the Department of Public Health.


50 Projects Completed

Lilo has written web content, magazine, and newspaper articles on a wide variety of topics for more than 5 years. She's a deft hand at background research, conceptualizing the interest "hook" or niche of an article by correctly identifying the readers that will be interested, predicting what the ultimate objective of the reader is with the information in the article (whether it be to find a family activity over the weekends or become active in a community activism campaign), evoking the emotions that will spur them into the action they've decided upon or been inspired to pursue, creating a sense of excitement, anticipation, and the best possible results from their performance of their chosen activity, and ending off with a CTA (Call To Action).

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Lilo worked as an evaluation and learning director at the Government Technical Advisory Centre (GTAC) within the National Treasury of South Africa.

Here, one of her duties involved the publication of a monthly newsletter "GTAC What's On" which showcased any policy research activities, special mandates given to Treasury by the Office of the President, internships, and scholarships granted to students studying finance, public finance, public policy, and development studies at various universities, the results of various monitoring and evaluation studies done by different departments involved in the distribution of funding to projects focusing on social grants, skills development, public-private partnerships, and job creation. This monthly publication would also feature a staff member who had received special recognition for the design or implementation of high-value projects or policy initiatives.

When Lilo started working there in 2016, most of this information had not been used or publicized in any systematic way, so she had to create several back issues, from about the end of 2017 until she resigned at the end of 2019.

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Lilo is currently a blogger for two separate business entities, one of which is an online shopping platform (still quite small) that specializes in kids' furniture, decor, beds, and bedding. Although she's not a parent herself, she has written many blogs on dealing with allergies, choosing the right bed, toxins in mattresses, educational approaches such as Montessori, sustainability concerns when having a baby, among others.

Her second regular blog is for video animators, whether employed or working freelance, who is fresh out of "animator school" and ready to take on the world. She writes about tips for compiling a good portfolio, building a customer base, connecting with the right people, following the right blogs, publications, and industry experts, and staying on top of trends in both hardware and software.


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Example Bio for a Ghostwriter Called MetaText for a Writing Platform

"We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time".—T.S. Eliot "Little Gidding" (September 1942)

Greetings and salutations!

MetaText is a student of humanities with a master's degree in development economics and an out-of-control interest in practically everything. Because of her love of knowledge, she has enjoyed a long-lasting relationship with books and considers many publications to be some of her best friends. A good story is like a home-cooked meal at the kitchen table and a warm spot on a comfortable sofa. A good story is a comfort and companionship over a rainy weekend. Books have always expanded and enriched her experience, and her best-loved authors have the power to transport her across space and time.

MetaText is a huge fan of the English language—and a real nerd when it comes to spelling, grammar, and creative flair. She reaches for a book quickly when it has an interesting topic, but dull, incoherent writing will cause her to drop it even faster.

MetaText has often been accused of unusual creativity when turning a phrase, and she is very appreciative of similar abilities in others. Wit and intelligence are not negotiable to her, and she aims to hook readers with writing that embodies these virtues.

The majority of MetaText's publications have been in scholarly journals, and she has years of experience reviewing and editing articles for rigor in the fields of history, medicine, economics, cultural studies, philosophy, and sociology. Due to this, she can engage critically with a broad range of nonfiction topics, while also being a highly skilled procurer of high-quality information. She has a large variety of interests and is a keen, and slightly obsessed observer of social, political, and economic trends.

MetaText was thrilled to become involved with remote, freelance writing work while taking a break from a formal, full-time career in research to complete her Ph.D.— she needed flexibility and a way to earn that would give her the chance to do the necessary reading, writing, and publishing for her thesis on social contract theory. She is fascinated by economic philosophy and history and has developed the ability to see any given topic in terms of a larger, constantly changing historical narrative. Writing nonfiction, web content, blog posts, lifestyle editorials, academic articles, and college assignments on a wide variety of topics on several platforms is just perfect for her—she has all the flexibility she needs, exposure to a wide variety of interesting subject matter, and the literary discipline necessary to keep her writing top-notch.

Each of the nonfiction writing projects MetaText has been involved with has provided her with a chance to learn something new, as it requires substantial knowledge of the subject matter to be able to adequately discuss and write about it. When writing on new subjects, she is relentless when it comes to demanding thorough knowledge and deep understanding about the topic at hand from herself—just as she would expect it from any nonfiction writer worth his or her salt.

Her favorite literary genres are humor and history when it comes to fiction, and she enjoys storytelling that follows characters over lifetimes and generations. For MetaText, a novel that combines skillful character development, sympathetic interpretation, and knowledgeable historical analysis is a real treat. Apart from this, she enjoys fantasy and science fiction that challenges the imagination without unnecessarily burdening her willingness to suspend her disbelief.

In her free time, she enjoys entertaining and interacting with intelligent, interesting people from diverse backgrounds. Everyone has a story to tell, and each individual's experience with life is the ultimate reason why she fell in love with books: She knows with absolute and irrefutable certainty that she would never be able to experience so much in the short life she's been granted. Even though she has a strong social interest, she also values being on her own. In times of solitude, she loves sitting with herself quietly and in peace, allowing her brain to spin in any direction it wants to, and she often chooses to spend those times reading.

MetaText has a very old Jack Russell Terrier, named Cilla-Pants, who demands attention and gentle care as she is an old lady now, and Meta aims to please Her Majesty with daily walks, excellent food, and a lot of love. It's a wonderful exchange between species, and as MetaText is composing this text, her head is resting gently on her foot under the desk. Certainly, this is true love.


5 Projects Completed

Lilo works as a ghostwriter on two platforms where she researches and writes books of 30,000 words or more on a very wide variety of topics. She has written on depression, compulsive shopping, pairing wine with food, travel, regional cuisine, culinary travel tours, the Women's Rights Movement, the First World War, the Cuban missile crisis, UN conventions on armed intervention in international conflict, technology development in facial recognition, 20th-century inventions that have changed the world, medical advancements in the treatment of congenital deafness, and compiled generations-old family recipe books.

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