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Shonda has been writing formal, informal, creative, business and academic content for over 10 years. She currently researches, writes and edits mental health articles. She also creates and posts inspirational social media quotes for a counseling agency.

Shonda has drafted educational content for a conflict management curriculum and teaching aids for children and adults. She has developed sales proposals, designed exciting copy for print, and partnered with production teams to create fresh and original radio commercials. Her portfolio includes public service announcements, newsletters, flyers and post cards. She has compiled and edited sponsorship and thank-you letters, press releases and magazine articles. As a student, Shonda has written movie trailers, radio commentary, documentaries and television advertisements.
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As a Licensed Master Social Worker, Shonda has experience writing about mental health topics. Using her teaching background, she has compiled and presented psychoeducational training material. She has researched and written about education, conflict management and finance. She has also created informational and how-to health and wellness articles. Her portfolio also includes product descriptions and motivational quotes.


Shonda is a creative writer at heart. As a poet, Shonda further demonstrates her ability to write in different voices and successfully engage diverse audiences. She connects with individuals as she performs her original pieces as a spoken word artist at various venues.

Following a mostly alkaline, completely vegan lifestyle, Shonda is dedicated to health and fitness. She created her own website focusing on healthier personal care items and food. She highlights, whenever possible, organic and non-genetically modified options. Having an intimate understanding of the value of addressing and maintaining mental health and eliminating stigma, she also features articles on natural ways to manage emotional and mental adversities, and achieve and maintain a healthy psychosocial status.

Shonda faithfully practices her violin, preparing herself to perform at open mics. (She most recently played in a community orchestra, but that was a few life times ago.)


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As a Licensed Master Social Worker, Shonda has written mental health content readers can apply to achieve a better quality of life. One of her pieces explains how individuals can use behavioral management theories to manage problems and challenges, and chronic health conditions. She has created articles that expose harmful chemicals in personal care items, and recommended better organic choices. Shonda has also created how-to articles.


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Shonda has written about mental health and how it impacts quality of life and physical health. She has created articles and workshops on how to apply behavioral health theories to manage and improve chronic conditions. She has written for a medical clinic, mental health facility, and non-profit agency that helped homeless elderly women, mothers and children, and individuals in general. Her psychoeducational trainings have helped the chronically mental ill and patients admitted to in-patient behavioral health hospitals.

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Shonda posts articles on her self-created website dedicated to health and wellness. She researches and suggests healthier personal care and food items. Understanding the importance of more natural, and when possible organic and nongmo choices, she writes how-to content and explains why her recommendations are better. She even exposes the harmful chemical ingredients in many consumer products.

Shonda bravely addresses mental health issues, and natural ways to manage them and have a happier life.

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Shonda posts short mental health content to improve the life of readers. She has focused pieces on the challenges of holidays, the pandemic and everyday issues. Readers can find tips to manage difficult family situations, feeling out of control and acquiring a sense of peace. She also posts inspirational and motivational quotes.

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