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Bryan Q. has vast experience not only in the food science sector but also in other disciplines such as health, home living, information technology, and government. Bryan is a famous researcher who ensures that all information provided is accurate, reliable, and informational to the audience.
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Being one of the reliable authors in today’s content marketing industry, Bryan has been attributed many titles, including a researcher, copywriter, and technical freelancer. Having been exposed to various niches, Bryan always ensures that the work is done on time.


Bryan Q. is a curious character whose interest relies on what many individuals go through in their lives. Through learning via different means like watching documentaries, conducting advanced research, and reading, Bryan understands the needs of different people and companies as well.


University of Wincousin

Through this intense program, Bryan is able to get deep knowledge about the creation, preservation, integration, transmission, and utilization of food technology that is key in the sustainability of food production.


200 Projects Completed

Food science is an interesting genre that explores different aspects of foods, including flavors and tastes. Bryan has majored in the nature of different tastes that exist in various food substances as well as the technology around today’s food. This has enabled him to recommend a variety of ideas that enhances better tastes and flavors in food.

Home Living

100 Projects Completed

Through enormous interaction with different people from all walks of life, Bryan understands the different lifestyles that various individuals have adopted. Through his content, Bryan gears tips that guarantee better lifestyles depending on the region, race, laws, and others aspects governing people's lives.

Health Supplements

50 Projects Completed

Dietary supplements serve as a key component in today's world. It is recommended that each individual should maintain good health at all times and health supplements are a major aspect that ensures the effectiveness of better health. Bryan is knowledgeable with dietary components like vitamins, minerals, and other supplements for good health.

Blog Post

265 Projects Completed

Blogs writing dominates in the content writing industry, and thus, many want more than a “normal” blog. Bryan writes an irresistible blog for various clients after thoroughly understanding their requirements, like the nature of the blog, target audience, readability needed, and the tone to use.


253 Projects Completed

Article writing requires persons who are eager to understand the needs of the audience, conduct preliminary research, and use grammar skills to craft unique and interesting articles. Through this knowledge, Bryan can deliver what many clients terms as “quality and original articles.”

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