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Alan has co-authored three travel guide books for Lonely Planet Publications: Indonesia, Hawai'i The Big Island, and Mexico.

Additionally, he has written Artist Statements and Biographies for numerous visual artists, including himself, both in English and Spanish, throughout California and Mexico. In 2005 he completed a 100-page thesis for his MFA, explaining his artistic process interconnecting numerous disciplines in Fine Art.

Being an arts educator he has produced copy for class descriptions through catalogs and email marketing that provide crucial promotion for class enrollment.

In the Outdoor Retail Industry, Alan's copy has also been used to promote rock climbing classes, events, and memberships, growing enrollment from the local community. Further promotional copy, reviews, informational blogs, and creative storytelling have been a part of the outreach for sales and engagement with customers.

As a Landscaping Project Manager, Alan also provided promotional copy and informational blogs to educate customers on essential garden maintenance and understanding.


Alan specializes in finding the most authentic voice for his client. Spending extensive time during the research phase he is looking for the most comprehensive understanding with which to convey his message. From this thorough perspective, he can cultivate a sense of trust, inspiration, and appreciation for his topic.

Being a geographer, by inclination and education, Alan has specialized in a variety of topics that relate to the environment and culture.

He has co-authored several guide books for Lonely Planet Publications, exploring the 'off the beaten path locations, investigating historical and cultural insights, while providing essential travel information to streamline and enhance the user's experience abroad.

As an Artist and Educator, Alan continues his personal and societal research, exploring and sharing the creative process and reciprocating cultural and community enrichment. Specific exhibitions include in-depth research on topics including but not limited to Deforestation, Fire-Prevention, Climate Change, Ethnomusicology, Latin-American Culture, Indigenous Cultures, Endangered Species, Inter-personal Relationships, and Well-being.

Through the Landscape and Outdoor Industries, Alan has gained experience in the implementation and understanding of design, green technologies, product development, research, marketing, management, and promotion. These fields have a direct relationship to our experience in outdoor spaces and the connection and well-being derived from immersion in nature.

Conservation of nature is Alan's driving inspiration and he hopes to bring awareness to our crucial need to protect the environment. Through both Art and Writing, he hopes to express the importance of awareness, action, and engagement. By transforming personal habits, community participation, cultural understanding, and global outreach, he hopes to share the many diverse stories out there, so we can recognize ancient truths while embracing scientific research to form a balanced approach to the future preservation of our planet and ourselves.


Alan is most interested in Environmental Stewardship through his writing and art. He is most concerned about the future health of the planet and our imminent need to take action on climate change. His perspective is to bring awareness to the potentially devastating effects our actions have and he seeks to foster a connection and respect needed for the protection of our natural world. Through wisdom old and new he hopes to inspire others to join in this worthy cause.

Along his journey, Alan has cultivated numerous hobbies and passions that have fueled his creative drive and inspired much of his understanding. These interests are essential to his well-being, provide balance and enrichment to his life. Being areas of in-depth knowledge Alan would welcome the opportunity to write on a variety of related fields including Surfing, Skiing/Snowboarding, Climbing, Backpacking, Fly Fishing, Mountain Biking, Photography, Music (especially percussion and West African derived rhythms), Natural and Herbal medicine (especially, Naturopathy, and TCM -Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda), Food and Cooking (especially as it relates to health), Martial Art (especially Shaolin and other Kung-Fu), Yoga, Physical Therapy and General Wellness.


University of California, Davis

Alan received his BA in Physical Geography and Minor in Geology. His emphasis was related to the integrated Earth systems and global patterns related to weather, vegetation, ecosystems, landforms, and climate. To complete his degree his final research project included comparing and contrasting the relationships of the parallel climates and landforms of Chile and New Zealand in the Southern Hemisphere.

Additional studies of note at UC Davis included Spanish and Native American Studies.

Instituto Allende (Incorporated with the University of Guanajuato)

Alan received his MFA at the Instituto Allende, in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico. His thesis exhibition 'Tejido,' (weaving in Spanish) sought to relate the varying disciplines in Art as interconnected parts related to a connected core, with each one cross-pollinating their others, leading to a more profound artistic comprehension.

Additional classes in Spanish brought him to a level of fluency and upon finishing his degree he was a Professor of Painting and Drawing from 2004-2008, teaching in Spanish to the Undergraduate Art and Master's degree students.

Concurrent writing for Lonely Planet Publications, co-authoring travel guide books on Indonesia, Hawai'i the Big Island, and Mexico, were profound experiences that enhanced his understanding of different cultures and inspired much of his Artwork.


200 Projects Completed

Teaching classes in Painting and Drawing for over 17 years, Alan has written numerous class descriptions in both Spanish and English.

These descriptions help provide clear copy for students to understand the breadth of understanding a particular course with cover, in an efficient and effective manner. This is a crucial element in the effective promotion of the courses through online course catalogs, and email marketing.


77 Projects Completed

Alan has been an Artist and Arts Educator for over 17 years. During this time he has written quarterly email newsletters promoting his classes, workshops, open studios, and art exhibits.

During this time he has written numerous Artist Statements and Class Descriptions, explaining the intent and creative process for his painting exhibits and classes, as well as for other artist and collective exhibits.

Additionally, he has worked as a curator and various galleries, writing promotional copy for marketing newsletters for solo and group exhibitions in both Mexico and the Bay Area.


25 Projects Completed

At various times Alan has worked in the Outdoor Retail Industry. Specifically in specialty Mountain Shops including Sunrise Mountain Sports, Marmot Mountain Works, and The Backcountry.
Working in a variety of roles including sales and rentals of climbing gear and tuning of backcountry ski/snowboard and alpine equipment.

Alan also managed the rock climbing wall while at Sunrise, teaching classes and setting routes while promoting memberships, events, and classes through local advertisements. Here his use of creative writing helped grow the local enrollment in all of these areas with enhanced visibility in the community.

Additionally, he was responsible for a number of product descriptions and reviews that contributed to the customer's understanding of the product and increased sales.


11 Projects Completed

Alan has written numerous Artist bios and personal profiles for himself, fellow artists, and other professional portfolios. With these, he attempts to express the core nature of the person while offering the reader a chance to reflect on the unique perspective revealed by their process. For Alan, the key is to distill often complex aspects down to their essence in order to inspire curiosity and understanding of what the artist or individual is portraying through their work.

Other profiles Alan has written include online for dating and social media accounts in addition to bios relating to resumes and applications.

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