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Brittany went to Middle Tennessee State University and studied Spanish, English Literature, and Business Administration. Currently, she works as a content specialist for a travel brand company. She writes and edits blog posts, as well as ideates new topics for upcoming blog posts and branding opportunities. In her years at college, she focused heavily on creative writing and analyzing. In her free time, she dabbles in poetry and runs her own poetry social media account.
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Brittany has specialties in poetry, creative writing, ideation, blog content, proofreading and editing, and marketing strategies.


Brittany has an array of passions and interests. She loves music, songwriting, painting, and writing poetry. When it comes to writing, she loves writing about fashion, makeup, music, entertainment, hiking, travel, and fiction.


Middle Tennessee State University

Brittany went to college for roughly 5 years, taking a year gap when she moved to Florida with her mother. She studied Business Administration, English Literature, and Spanish.


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Music has always been a dominant part of Brittany's life. She has been songwriting since she was about fourteen years you can imagine the number of songs she has written in her free time. She has a passion for the music industry and surrounds herself with musicians and that atmosphere often. In the future, she would love to do more pieces on music and the entertainment industry.


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Currently working as a content specialist for a travel company, she focuses on writing content optimized for end-users. Approving blog orders and writing new blog content ideas is a typical day in the life of her work at this travel brand. These articles focus on things to do while on vacation and thorough research on the individual attractions mentioned.


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Brittany has written and reviewed blogs related to the hospitality industry when it comes to restaurants. She also has worked within the restaurant industry for over ten years, so she knows what she is talking about. She can write about how the food and beverage industry works, reviews on a certain restaurant or food item, and the overall hospitality lifestyle.

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Brittany currently works in the digital marketing field, so she works with SEO optimization every day. She knows the importance of link building, meta descriptions, alt images, and truly optimizing performance when it comes to a company. She has not written anything pertaining to search marketing, but she can help guide for the best results when it comes to digital content marketing.

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Has written blog posts for herself pertaining to lifestyle and free-form thought, but also has written blog posts for the company that she works for. She is experienced with following a given guideline/outline and using those tools to create a great blog piece. She also can come up with her own ideas and topic ideas when it comes to writing a blog piece, so feel free to let her get creative as well.

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