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From conservation project summaries to scientific papers to grant proposals to online content to science stories for the layperson to press releases and news, Gregg has done it all. For more than 15 years working for conservation nonprofits and agencies and for 12 years as a self-employed communications professional, she has been a generalist practicing the craft of writing. Her focus has been the natural world and humanity's interactions with it, and she welcomes opportunities to widen her focus.

Do you need to interview fisheries experts about the science of maintaining large fish for both fishermen and ecosystems? She's done that. Do you need interaction with ranchers, farmers, or nonindustrial forest landowners for a blog about private land stewardship? She's done that. Do you need a "best women's travel story" that speaks to the power of walking a few steps in another's shoes? She's been there. How about a book based on interviews of first-time entrepreneurs to inspire those considering the leap? She's written one.

Gregg's writing combines authentic voices, vivid detail, and scrupulous attention to facts to produce a wide range of written products. Her bachelor's degree in biology and master's in science policy inform her ability to navigate the world of scientific research, as well as government programs and business perspectives. Whether it's an engaging style aimed at the public or an assiduously researched report aimed at experts, Gregg's wide range of experience is an asset.
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Gregg's focus throughout most of her career has been the conservation and management of wildlife populations and habitat. This is a topic that touches on a wide range of critical issues facing the world today, including nature-based solutions for climate change, parks and outdoor recreation, the interplay between Covid-19 and sources of zoonotic disease, and the integrity of our water supply and other ecosystem services essential for life. With a background in biology and science policy, she is equally at home analyzing science papers, talking to landowners, and interviewing the representatives of large corporations working to do their part for the planet.

This expertise also lends itself well to analysis of green products, sustainable sourcing of materials, and issues related to supply-chain management and corporate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards.

A developing specialty area is Gregg's knowledge of carbon markets and the carbon offset standards that are being established around the U.S. and the world.


In addition to family, Gregg has three passions: birding, travel, and dance. She has watched toucans fly across a dawn sunrise viewed from the peak of a Tikal pyramid; admired stately Secretary birds on safari in Africa; and gasped at the vibrant beauty of hummingbirds and warblers in a shade coffee plantation in the DR. She also likes to hike and kayak--enjoying the latter mainly on quiet rivers, flooded bottomlands, and in protected estuaries.

Gregg is a lifelong exercise addict who discovered a passion for dance almost 30 years ago. She has written about physical fitness and dance. Although she began with jazz dance, her current specialties are ballroom and Argentine tango.


University of North Carolina @ Chapel Hill

To satisfy a craving for more biology, which she had suffered since completing Bio I in high school, Gregg majored in zoology at Chapel Hill. (At the time, students were forced to choose between zoology and botany.) Although she chose not to become a professional researcher, her science background has been invaluable in her work, which frequently entails translating science for the layperson.

The George Washington University

After backpacking for a solid year around Europe and Morocco, Gregg returned to graduate school to pursue a degree that she hoped would help her to make a positive difference in the world. Originally focused on international aid and development, her focus switched to environmental policy and conservation. She has not looked back since.


100 Projects Completed

Most urban dwellers do not realize the outsized-role that private landowners--particularly ranchers, farmers, and nonindustrial forest landowners--play in the conservation of wildlife species and habitat. In the east where 85% of land is private, and even in the West, where the majority of threatened and endangered species occupy private land (where water tends to be concentrated), there is a growing movement among farmers and ranchers to engage in conservation programs, thereby gaining power and conveying key understandings in the process.

Gregg has spent the last 12 years of her career focused in large part on conservation partnerships among researchers, agencies, and private landowners. Her work regularly includes interviews of landowners. She is sensitive to the unique perspectives of private stewards, which tend to be informed by a love for the land and the simultaneous need to make a living from it.

Green Living

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In writing about wildlife and habitat conservation, Gregg's work has sometimes led into the arena of green living, and this is an area of expertise she would like to develop. For example, the movement to conserve pollinators and grasslands is directly connected to every homeowner and apartment dweller in America, via the trees, shrubs, and flowers they choose to plant in their yards and potted gardens. The movement to create a "Homegrown National Park" to benefit our pollinators is a topic that has received an increasing amount of attention, including from Gregg.


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Gregg's book Career Reinvented, self-published in 2018, arose from her inspiration concerning solo entrepreneurship. As a solopreneur herself, Gregg decided to tell the stories of ten others, with businesses ranging from dance studios to sport fishing lodges to app developers, as a means of highlighting lessons learned. She complemented her extensive interviews with research from the business literature to produce a readable book with actionable steps for those contemplating their own foray into the world of self-employment.

Newsletter Content

200 Projects Completed

Electronic newsletters have been a staple of Gregg's profession since she began her business. She has created, managed, and/or produced content for more than seven different organizations. Her approach is strategic, usually with the goal of conveying key information succinctly or driving traffic to a particular website/product. She manages monthly, quarterly, and ad hoc news announcements.


50 Projects Completed

Articles are the most common form of content that Gregg has developed as a copywriter. They are generally featured online and in e-news. They focus on client projects, research, and new developments in conservation science, programs, and policy. Her articles are developed from content supplied by clients as well as primary interviews with experts and her own online research.

White Paper

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Gregg has occasionally been tasked with developing a white paper, which always includes synthesizing reams of information to clarify and highlight important findings or trends. Her white papers have also leaned heavily on the use of expert interviews to provide insights, quotes, and confidence in the final analysis.

For example, one white paper required amassing detailed social and economic information for a 17-county region in Kentucky and Tennessee, combining this information with research findings, reports, and expert interviews. The paper painted a picture of threats and opportunities to the outdoor economy of the region, with the goal of moving community and business leaders toward a proactive stance that would result in long-term benefits. The paper was eventually summarized in a 2-page graphic factsheet for use in community and leader outreach.

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