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Mary S
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Mary's professional (paid) writing career began at the age of ten when she was assigned to cover her grade school's activities in her own weekly column "It's Elementary" of the local newspaper. Each week, she turned in a neatly-typed column (always on time, of course) and received from the editor $1.00 for each submission. She has been writing ever since, (and she is happy to report that the pay has improved.)
For more than 30 years Mary has researched and written articles, interviews, essays, short stories, ad copy and publicity/ press releases on a wide range of topics for both print and electronic media. Her clients include numerous professional and civic organizations as well as private individuals and businesses. Her concentration is currently in healthcare, nutrition, real estate, consumer finances, social justice, environmental and green living issues, gardening and pet health.
One of her largest and most rewarding projects was utilizing her knowledge of medical insurance, health care billing procedures and medical terminology in editing and updating the durable medical equipment (DME) billing procedure manual for the home health care division of a large consumer-services company. This resulted in faster, more accurate billing with fewer declines from insurers and other payers for billing mistakes and missed deadlines.
Mary is experienced with social media, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Etsy and is listed as a 'top commenter' on her Facebook page. She has also completed courses, seminars and webinars on the finer points of SEO, quality-driven content, marketing, web analytics and email outreach.
Mary's background includes a BA degree in Organizational Behavioral Science, with additional professional experience in business and retail management, writing and blogging, real estate, insurance and consumer finance, traditional and alternative health care, teaching, giftware, gardening, horticulture, and nutrition.
When not working with clients, Mary blogs about environmental issues, healthy lifestyles and gardening on her blog site, and has guest-blogged for several bloggers.
Please confirm her availability before requesting any Solo or direct orders, thanks!
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