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A natural storyteller, Caitlin has written professionally for over a decade, including over 1,000 orders here at WriterAccess. She has worked as a freelance writer and editor, and has experience as a classroom teacher at the middle, high school, and University level. Caitlin also has ample non-profit experience, including grant writing, project management, and copywriting for internal and external use. Caitlin excels at creating strong, compelling B2B copy; she genuinely loves translating dry bullet points into organic, engaging prose. It's kind of a magic trick, or, as one recent client remarked: "Caitlin just GETS IT."
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Caitlin is a strong narrative writer and knows how to translate stuffy internal documents into compelling, engaging prose. She excels at B2B writing, and writes in a range of styles, including conversational blog posts, research based white papers, essays, feature articles, and marketing copy for print and web. She works with several private clients to produce education related content and brings additional expertise to projects in this industry.


Caitlin enjoys reading and writing about her many passions, which include personal finance, health and wellness, small business, holistic medicine, yoga, pets, fashion, the creative and performing arts, recovery and substance use disorders, and education.


Goucher College

Liberal arts education with a focus on writing, including workshops in fiction, poetry, and professional communication.

Rutgers University

Caitlin completed a rigorous, two-year MFA program, which included literature courses, writing workshops, and courses in writing and editing pedagogy. She attended this program on a full scholarship as a Teaching Assistant, and taught undergraduate level courses while pursuing her degree.


483 Projects Completed

An experienced educator, Caitlin brings real-world expertise to every education related writing project. She has written curriculum, blog posts, articles, white papers, and newsletters for a range of clients in the education industry, including tutoring companies and a nationally distributed teacher recruitment magazine. She has over six years of experience as an educator and has worked at the elementary, middle, high school and university level. During her time as a classroom teacher, Caitlin's writing about her classroom work was solicited by the education blog of The New York Times. She is up to date on the latest trends in current shifts in American education, including the Common Core and STEM initiatives, and is comfortable writing copy for students, parents, teachers, and/or administrators.


127 Projects Completed

Caitlin has written several dozen pieces on travel, ranging from blog posts to articles to hotel reviews. She's ghostwritten content via brokerage sites, and placed several bylined travel narratives in print and web outlets. Caitlin has traveled to a number of U.S. and international destinations, including New Orleans, LA; San Francisco, CA; New York, NY; Philadelphia, PA; Chicago, IL; several cities in Spain; Lisbon; Portugal; Amsterdam; London; several cities in Ireland; and several villages in Sierra Leone. In addition, Caitlin completed a one semester course in Documentary Writing at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies, and strives to use ethical best practices in describing foreign cultures to U.S. audiences.


125 Projects Completed

With a special focus on bridging digital networking with traditional marketing, Caitlin has written dozens of blog posts geared at small business owners, many of which have been published on the WriterAccess blog. She has written professional biographies for several companies, as well as "About Us" pages. Caitlin is comfortable taking on the "voice" of your business to create an engaging online presence for your brand.


107 Projects Completed

Caitlin has written a number of articles on fashion and fashion trends for clients requesting general interest articles with SEO keywords. She's also written lengthier freelance articles on topics including costume design and costume shopping as well as web page content for fashion sites, including national brands as well as SMBs.


81 Projects Completed

A former waitress and pantry grunt, Caitlin has written several freelance columns on vegetarian eating and cooking, and completed an extended contract with a client to develop quirky, informative mobile reviews of bars and restaurants in the UK.

Real Estate

75 Projects Completed

Caitlin has written several blog posts describing neighborhoods for real estate companies. She has recently begun working with real estate companies to translate property listings into SEO rich, engaging content.

Non Profit

73 Projects Completed

A former communications staffer for a national non-profit, Caitlin has written content for non-profit agencies and organizations, including newsletters, press releases, and blog posts. She has experience working on grants and mission statements, and is particularly interested in working with non-profits focused on education, social justice, and/or the arts.


60 Projects Completed

Caitlin is very familiar with how to construct a succinct, effective resume, and has applied that knowledge in dozens of blog posts on personal branding, resume writing, and professional networking. Caitlin has also completed dozens of professional biographies for individuals and companies in a range of fields.


52 Projects Completed

When it comes to personal finance and debt and asset management, Caitlin gets it! She's skilled at writing engaging content on smart financial decisions, from frugal living to retirement savings and everything in between.


47 Projects Completed

Caitlin wrote a regular column on burlesque, theatre and performance art for a New Orleans news and culture blog for nearly a year. She's also written freelance articles for print publications covering the visual and performing arts.


39 Projects Completed

Caitlin has completed several articles detailing benefits of various foods, supplements, and diets. She is adept at translating scientific studies into clear, engaging writing and is always excited to create well-researched, accessible articles on nutrition and health.


29 Projects Completed

An MFA graduate who has attended several writing conferences and panels, Caitlin has a clear understanding of the publishing industry and has written several pieces of content that reflect this knowledge of agents, publishers, editors and writers.


26 Projects Completed

Caitlin has written several blog posts and pages of descriptive content for an ecommerce site focusing on pet health. She owns two cats as companion animals and has volunteered in a local animal shelter with animals in need of socialization. Caitlin is articulate and compassionate about animal-friendly products and services.

Green Living

20 Projects Completed

Caitlin has written several blog posts about how to make green choices, with a special focus on how to reduce your daily energy output. She has also written about energy deregulation, everyday gadgets to help consumers monitor energy usage, and teaching kids about how to "be green."


13 Projects Completed

Caitlin has written several blog posts and short articles on the benefits of regular fitness. She is comfortable writing about running, jogging, walking, training for races, swimming laps, vinyasa and bikram yoga, and reviews of popular exercise DVDs.

Blog Post

580 Projects Completed

Caitlin routinely writes blog posts for WriterAccess and IdeaLaunch, as well as many other clients. She's written how-to blog posts, FAQ posts, posts to highlight a particular product on a customer's ecommerce page, and many more. Caitlin enjoys bringing copy to life with the short, interactive tone of a blog post and she particularly loves writing multiple posts for the same client!


301 Projects Completed

Caitlin has been pitching and writing articles to local and national outlets for nearly a decade. She has written articles for print and web on a wide range of topics, including education, politics, gender, sexuality, travel, food, and more. Caitlin enjoys researching lengthier articles, but is also skilled at getting to the point for short pieces in a small quarterly publication or online newsletter.

Web Page

222 Projects Completed

Caitlin has crafted content for several dozen web pages, with a specific focus on ecommerce sites. She combines accurate, interesting product descriptions with language crafted to put customers in a comfortable buying mindset without sounding too "salesy." She is also experienced in writing "About Us" pages to give a personal, professional feel to your website.

Product Description

115 Projects Completed

From office furniture to dog treats and even high-end juice cleanses, Caitlin has ample experience writing concise, compelling product descriptions that turn your specs into a sale. Caitlin is comfortable writing descriptions for websites and print catalogs, and she has experience describing food, fashion, and a variety of consumer goods for personal and business retail.

Press Release

59 Projects Completed

Caitlin worked for two years as a communications staffer for a national non-profit organization. She was routinely tasked with writing press releases on a number of timely issues, including lead paint remediation, Katrina recovery, affordable housing, and predatory loans. In the last year, she's written press releases for a wide range of clients and is very familiar with how to construct an informative, interesting, newsworthy press release.


52 Projects Completed

Caitlin has written dozens of product descriptions for a range of different clients, including foods, pet products, clothing and jewelery, furniture, and many more. An Industry Elite Fashion writer, she especially enjoys writing descriptions for stylish apparel and accessories, but is pleased to describe functional home goods as well!

Newsletter Content

51 Projects Completed

Caitlin regularly writes newsletter copy for clients looking to keep their customer base updated with news and fresh content. Whether you're looking for a regular monthly newsletter writer, or need an article to fill out your normal quarterly update, Caitlin can write clean, engaging, professional copy to suit your needs.

Email Copy

49 Projects Completed

From direct mail campaigns to casual updates written in an engaging, professional voice, Caitlin can turn your bullet points into a well-written email. She has experience building relationships with clients to establish a consistent voice, but she's also available to write quick, "one-off" emails when you just want to make sure you've got it down right.

White Paper

26 Projects Completed

A curious and thorough researcher, Caitlin enjoys preparing clear, engaging white papers that provide valuable industry information to customers without sounding "too salesy." She is most comfortable creating white papers on Education and Health related topics, but is happy to consider whatever her clients have in mind. She especially enjoys the challenge of translating technical specifications into a more fluid, compelling narrative that potential customers will find readable and valuable.


12 Projects Completed

Caitlin has worked on several grant projects for a range of organizations. In her work as a communications staffer with a national non-profit organization, she helped secure funding from major political parties to complete projects in local neighborhoods and communities. In addition, Caitlin has collaborated with several arts and education organizations to write successful grants to bring arts education to high-risk populations, including a group of evacuated students residing in Baton Rouge, LA following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. In her current "day job" she regular contributes narrative copy to maintain a high-profile, multi-year federal grant.


5 Projects Completed

With experience in creating a speech from scratch as well as revising existing material to make it sound more polished and professional, Caitlin has experience writing copy meant to be read out loud and has a clear understanding of how to make each word count to keep your audience focused and attentive.


5 Projects Completed

An accomplished writer of both fiction and non-fiction, Caitlin has over a decade of writing experience under her belt. She's been primarily focused on writing shorter blogs and articles, but has worked on compiling and writing copy for an anthology of service writing put out by an academic press, and completed all research and writing on a full length audio book project. Samples are unavailable due to copyright agreement. She writes quickly and effectively and implements revisions as needed to complete longer projects in a timely manner.


0 Projects Completed

Caitlin holds a Master's degree in writing and has over a decade of professional writing experience to her credit. She's been primarily focused on writing shorter blogs and articles, but has also worked on longer works, including white papers and short ebooks for a range of businesses, from health care to education to B2B. She writes quickly and effectively and implements revisions as needed to complete longer projects in a timely manner. Samples are unavailable due to copyright agreements.

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