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She has been writing for most of her life, but only recently began working as a copywriter. She has a degree in English Language and Literature, and has been working in a college library for almost 7 years. She writes quick and effective copy, returning blog posts, product descriptions, landing pages, and any other writing tasks necessary with high quality results in a short amount of time.


She is an expert in the English language through her college education, but also has a lot of IT and technical experience, as she has been studying for the CompTIA A+ exam and has always had a knack for computers. She is an avid gamer, playing on PC, mobile, Xbox, and all Nintendo consoles. Technology and gaming-related writing comes easy, as she is informed on the subjects. But, she will write anything and is very capable of doing intensive research to ensure accurate and well-thought-out work.


She is very active in the gaming community as well as in anime and media spaces. She loves to express her mental health experiences and creativity through personal blogging with creative nonfiction stories and poetry. She loves people and social gatherings. She is very talkative and understanding of people's needs. She really enjoys research writing, as it feels really satisfying to compile information into one cohesive format. She loves trying new things and learning from past experiences.


Southern New Hampshire University

Graduating with a 4.0 and Academic Honors, her time at this university was very beneficial, and she worked hard to fully understand the English language and improve her writing, grammar. and critical thinking abilities.


10 Projects Completed

She has studied computer science/IT during my college and personal life. She has a passion for tech and for gaming and is well-versed in the subjects. She is also always eager to learn more and will research new topics as necessary, or for fun.


5 Projects Completed

She has written SEO blog posts related to marketing topics. She has also worked on advertisements and product descriptions for clients on their websites.


4 Projects Completed

She is a user of beauty products who understands the industry and has written product reviews and descriptions for various types of beauty products and services, most notably perfume and eyebrow maintenance articles.


15 Projects Completed

She has written multiple posts for companies advertising their products or services, whether it be short blurbs or full SEO incorporated blog posts.

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