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Mike R. has an English/Journalism degree from the University of Delaware. He has written professionally for over 20 years and has been published often in both print and online publications. He also has extensive recent e-commerce copy writing experience and has authored several blogs.

He is an expert at writing concise and lively product copy and related marketing material for e-commerce websites and other online needs that require a quantity of work while avoiding repetitious and dull writing. His background also includes everything from writing brief human interest pieces to creating long, complex work on topics as diverse as insurance, technology, the arts and small business success.

His areas of expertise include small business issues, online retail start-ups, the arts (especially as related to professional artists and craftspeople such as woodworkers, potters, glass artists and those who practice traditional crafts), specialty toys and sports.

He has experience writing online work with an eye toward effective SEO strategies, and he is comfortable with current online best practices for creating copy with the goal of maximizing exposure for new and growing websites.


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He has written everything from new product reviews to e-commerce product descriptions, to promotional pieces for individual small business owners. His work can vary from as short as a series of 100- word product blurbs to full staff/owner biography material, and from "About Us" copy to complete online/e-mail/printed public relations campaign material.

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