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Steve H. writes marketing content for businesses to help turn prospects into loyal customers. His experience runs 10+ years as a B2B/B2C word artisan (a fancy way of saying, copywriter).
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Steve H. is known as a remarkable copywriter who transforms every business that trusts in his content. Steve enjoys uplifting the image of any brand by writing engaging yet updated content.


With his unquenchable thirst to uncover new strategies, Steve H. enjoys researching and watching documentaries that overall educate an individual.


Rowan University

Having successfully pursued a degree in communication and journalism, Steve H. is a creative writer equipped with the following skills:
Analytical Skills
Better Communication Skills
Advanced Research Skills


230 Projects Completed

A deep understanding of how to manage finances in a business is needed for any organization to stand. With many ideas to apply in all financial sectors, Steve is able to examine various parameters and, after that, suggest the right financial models for a specific institution.


78 Projects Completed

FinTech is the backbone of the integration between the finance and technology part of the business. Steve H. has written numerous easy-to-scan fintech articles for various organizations.

Human Resources

34 Projects Completed

Every organization needs adequate staff to not only survive but also grow. With this in mind, Steve H. has adopted an approach to understanding the right skills in every branch of any business.


400 Projects Completed

Steve H. has over 10 years of content writing experience for different companies. Through his journey, Steve understands the most crucial aspects of writing any type of article.

Blog Post

131 Projects Completed

Having managed various clients' projects that required in-depth research and skills, Steve H. is a renowned blog writer that makes the work done.

Product Description

111 Projects Completed

Steve H. knows how to capture readers' attention and convert them to potential clients. This has been made possible by providing informative and up-to-date product description content.

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