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A well-established marketer and networker, educated to degree level, with recent experience in the London Professional Services Marketplace and technology and communications exposure in new media, strategic marketing, tactical research. Able to develop long, medium and short term relationships with a broad base of corporations and individuals. Possessing excellent communication skills and able to create professional relationships at all levels within an organisation

With tender and bid management experience at the highest levels in the contract cleaning and Soft FM marketplace. Full lifecycle experience of the tender process and an ability to create, manage and maintain compelling copy to differentiate the brand.

Fully understands and skilled at coordinating and managing the tender process, from the preparation of Expressions of Interest to preparing and producing bid responses for small to more complex bids (under £1m), carrying out background research to final submission of the bid.

Detail oriented and able to work independently to strict deadlines. Supportive and proactive in a team with a can-do attitude and a positive approach to work. Notable achievements include assistance in preparing winning bid submissions for three companies resulting in new contracts and clients for those organisations concerned. Additionally, assisted an SME in gaining preferred supplier status with a European multinational.
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Tender Experience

1. Fully understands and skilled at coordinating the entire tender process
o Fully supportive of the bid selection process – this was an important stage in competitive tendering as the company concerned had to select the most suitable tender for its size, technical capability, technical expertise and experience.

2. Preparation of Expressions of Interest (EOIs)
o Registration of an EOI on the appropriate portal or by email, as appropriate.
o Quick completion of an EOI to ensure that the company’s interest in a tender was registered by the client and tracked to verify whether the client had accepted or rejected it.
o If the EOI was accepted by the client, the tender documentation would be obtained either by downloading it from an etendering portal or requesting a hard copy through the post.

3. Obtaining Tender Documentation
o The tender documentation would then be distributed to all parties involved for assessment and a decision would be made by management on whether the tender was suitable for completion.
o It would be read thoroughly by myself to understand the client’s requirement and instructions.
o Once the go-ahead to complete the bid was given, preparation of a basic bid response would begin.

4. Preparation of Standard Selection Questionnaires (SQs) if these were required, from start to submission
o Completion of SQs with answers to the questions being thoroughly researched to ensure that all information contained within the final response was accurate and all questions fully answered.

5. Experienced in preparing and producing bid responses
o For small to more complex bids (under £1m).
o Drafting bid response templates – basic bid response templates with a simple layout were incorporated into the bid libraries so that if the client documentation allowed for a bidder to design their own bid response layout, a draft bid could be drawn up efficiently using a basic bid response template and then worked on stage by stage, incorporating each of the client’s questions and the company’s answers.
o Drafting compelling copy for tenders which accurately answered the client’s questions and focussed on fulfilling the client’s requirement.
o Editing, proofreading and production of professional documents.

6. Background Research
o Researching more background information for certain questions for example risk management.
o Liaising with the Health and Safety Manager to obtain his expertise on tender questions relating to health and safety.
o Preparing graphics to accompany answers which required a visual representation to demonstrate, for example, timelines for completion of certain tasks, a process life cycle, management structure charts, tables for risk and mitigation, contract mobilisation plan.
o Continuously monitoring and reviewing each stage of the tender process to ensure that it was running smoothly.
o Reviewing and completing the bid in a timely manner and obtaining approval from all parties involved to submit the final bid response within the deadline date and time.

7. Managing and monitoring etendering portals
o Managing company registrations with tender portals.
o Recording all login information and ensuring that it was kept up to date.

8. Creating new bid libraries
o For PQQs and SQs, tenders and presentations.
o Updating these libraries continuously with new content for future bids.
o Ensuring that the company information in the library was up to date.

9. Supporting the development and maintenance of internal bid processes
o To more effectively manage the tender process and ensure its smooth functioning and meeting all deadlines, particularly tight deadlines where a reduced amount of time was available for bid completion.
o Creating a tracking spreadsheet for more complex tenders so that each part of the bid response was assessed, monitored and successfully completed.
o For multi-part questions, these were broken down into separate parts and recorded on the spreadsheet to ensure that they were all answered fully and accurately.
o This tracking spreadsheet also recorded the deadline date and time for the bid to ensure that the bid response was completed and submitted well within this deadline.
o Any particular points to note from the client’s bid documentation which could be addressed in the bid response were also noted as these could enable the company to go the extra mile in fulfilling the client’s requirement.


Running | Hiking | Personal Development | Travelling | World Music | Writing | Health & Fitness


London Metropolitan University

Bachelor of Arts degree with honours
Information Technology and French


28 Projects Completed

As additional tasks that formed part of my overall responsibilities as a Business Development Administrator for the same small company in Greater London, she created bid templates and developed compelling documentation with charts, graphs and illustrations created by myself specifically for tender submissions.

She also prepared and drafted tender and proposal documentation for commercial cleaning contracts as well as managing all electronic tender submissions and updated all electronic profiles with regard to the bid submissions. Large bids developed included: CBRE, Cushman & Wakefield, FCA (Financial Ombudsman) £1M, The Francis Crick Institute, WeWork.

She also took over responsibility from the Commercial Director for the preparation and completion of all pre-qualification questionnaires both electronic and paper-based.


2 Projects Completed

Whilst working as a Business Development Administrator and a permanent employee in a small company based in Greater London, she was responsible for marketing and channel management of the business’s social media presence. She created LinkedIn and Facebook Pages for the company and developed marketing content for posting on both Pages.

Case Studies

3 Projects Completed

Completed case studies for key clients at a previous employment.


3 Projects Completed

She edited three books for a connection in the US on a voluntary basis which gave her excellent experience in editing manuscripts.


2 Projects Completed

Created two PowerPoint presentations for my own business.

Press Release

1 Projects Completed

Created content for press releases for a previous employer.

Facebook Post

1 Projects Completed

Creating a variety of Facebook posts which forms part of my social media marketing strategy for my own business.

Twitter Post

1 Projects Completed

Creating a variety of Twitter posts as part of my social media marketing strategy for my own business.


1 Projects Completed

Created a professional bio for a friend in the US.

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