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Jason G. is a professional freelance writer with 10 years experience. He's written articles and content for publications like The Motley Fool and Den of Geek and for businesses like Dick's Sporting Goods and AOL. He graduated from Kent State University with a degree in newspaper journalism in 2005.

Jason G. is professionally trained on how to optimize content for SEO as well as technical writing. While employed at Dick's Sporting Goods corporate headquarters in Pittsburgh, he was charged with rewriting a large portion of Dick's customer-facing copy on DickSportingGoods.com, including SEO and technical content.

Jason G. enjoys writing about topics related to technology and gaming. He's actively employed at Den of Geek, where he writes about the latest news in the gaming and TV industries.

Jason G. has run six marathons and one ultra marathon and is an expert on health and fitness related topics. He's written a weekly column on fitness for a publication in Pittsburgh.

Jason stays up to date on the stock market and business news and his work has been published by The Motley Fool on Fool.com.

In addition to his published credentials, Jason G. has written thousands of uncredited pieces of content for SEO and ghostwriting content firms on topics including business, fashion, travel, fitness, technology, sports, education and much more.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Jason G. has written travel articles for a number of different SEO firms and content companies. His work has been published on Expedia.com and other travel websites.

Home Living

Jason G. has written on home living and home improvement topics for a number of blogs and businesses, including RedBeacon.com.


Jason G. has been published by The Motley Fool, writing topics related to personal finance and the stock market. He's used this background to write SEO friendly content for several businesses in the Pittsburgh area.


A lifelong gamer, Jason G. is a writer for Den of Geek, a leading pop culture and video game website. He actively plays many different games across Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo platforms and is also familiar with PC and online games such as World of Warcraft and other MMOs.


Jason G. has run six marathons and one ultra marathon and is naturally interested in everything fitness. He's written a weekly column surrounding running and health and fitness for a publication in Pittsburgh. He's also worked at Dick's Sporting Goods corporate headquarters in Pittsburgh and was responsible for writing fitness related copy on DicksSportingGoods.com.


Jason G has written numerous how-to articles on everything related to technology. Computers, digital cameras, televisions, gaming and more. He is an expert in this field, receiving professional training from Apple and Best Buy.


Jason G. has written on business related topics for The Motley Fool and Techversity. He's also written business-oriented copy for a number of SEO and content firms.

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