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WendyB is a contract writer with over six years of experience with various genres, industries and formats. From medical writing to product descriptions, Wendy enjoys variety and challenge in her writing. She has written online medical educational courses, news for legal websites, travel profiles and for creative journals. She is familiar with and has an understanding of AP Style, SEO writing and the unique writing needs of online copy. She enjoys the shift in audience and tone that contract work provides and easily gets to the heart of what a client is trying to convey and how they would like to convey it. Writing is joy to Wendy and working with varied clients provides the fresh air!


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Wendy is the lead blogger for a legal website and finds the ever-changing work and topics to be stimulating.

Industry Projects

  • Legal100+
  • Search Marketing100+
  • Travel50+
  • Bio/Pharm50+
  • Auto20+
  • Business6

Summary of Industry Experience


Wendy has been the blogger and web content writer for several legal websites. In this capacity, she produces several news articles per week and has written copy for complete site redesigns. This work has been SEO focused and Wendy has been able to effectively incorporate SEO marketing strategies while producing great writing!

Search Marketing

Wendy has recently been working for an SEO marketing firm, writing web copy and blog posts for their clients. Wendy understands the importance of using keywords and the more important idea that content is king with search engines. Good, quality content leads to more sales and leads and Wendy has seen enough sub-par writing to know what works.


This is Wendy's specialty area. Having traveled to nearly every state, most of Europe, South America, some of the Middle East and Africa, Wendy has many stories to tell and many experiences to draw on from the world as well as in the United States, and she understands the travel industry.


Wendy began her professional writing career with a medical education company where she authored several courses aimed at physicians and nurses. In addition, Wendy writes for a legal blog which posts articles regarding medical devices,drugs and malpractice. Wendy is familiar with medical terminology, comfortable summarizing study data and familiar with medical journals.


Wendy has written many articles related to cars and the automotive industry. Articles range from eBay descriptions to web copy. In her personal life she is a car enthusiast, owning her all-time favorite car, a BMW M5 sport sedan. Wendy knows people in the industry, attends cruise nights and looks forward to Barrett Jackson Scottsdale every year.


Making the choice to be a stay at home Mom (SAHM) has not always been easy but Wendy has so far managed to craft her career, over the last 13 years, that centers around her family yet keeps her moving forward in business. There are many challenges with this path and Wendy is interested in sharing her experiences with other small business owners and SAHM's.

Product Projects

  • Article100+
  • Blog Post50+
  • Web Page50+
  • Press Release20+
  • Script/Video5
  • Advertisement1

Summary of Product Experience


Wendy has written 100+ articles on various topics ranging from the job of a diesel mechanic to issues with the elderly and their risk for falls, to the hazards of texting while driving.

Blog Post

Wendy is the lead blogger for a legal website and finds the ever-changing work and topics to be stimulating.

Web Page

Wendy has written web pages for several clients. As an avid web user herself, Wendy puts herself in the position of the consumer to focus on what is effective and what is just plain annoying!

Press Release

Press releases can be a quick way to gain exposure and Wendy has written press releases for several clients.


In a previous position, Wendy was responsible for writing and producing audio interviews on a variety of medical topics. Topic experts were interviewed in NPR studios using a script written by Wendy.


Wendy was able to do some fill in work for an advertiser, writing product descriptions. She found this work to be extremely enjoyable and would like to continue in this format.

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