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Taylor graduated college and immediately began her freelance career writing for a platform selling self-help materials. During her time there, she wrote comprehensive articles on Positive Psychology methods that included worksheets and advertisements for the company's product. These articles were Search Engine Optimized.

The summer after graduation, she interviewed and wrote the emotional testimony of a client whose son had died from a brain aneurism. This project required a great deal of communication, compassion, and revision to get the testimony right while still creating an engaging story for the publisher.

While Taylor has experience with SEO and literary Non-Fiction, she's written hundreds of thousands of words in Fiction. Between four complete novels, hundreds of poems, and dozens of short stories, she's not run out of ideas and creativity for her personal passion projects.

In 2021, she published her first short story in The Rabbit Hole vol. 3, and in the previous years published poems in Thing Ezine. She's run Youtube channels, personal blogs, and her own website to get her writing out there, and all of these experiences have enabled her to tackle any project for any customer with any voice.
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SEO content writing
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Taylor is interested in:
-current events
-human interest
-real estate

She has no problem getting interested in a subject she's not overly familiar with and is experienced with research and analysis from her Psychology degree at Harding University.


Harding University

At Harding University, Taylor graduated with two Bachelor's Degrees: BA in English and BS in Psychology. During her time at Harding, she received personal mentorship from several experienced writers, published her poetry in the school's literary magazine, won contests with her non-fiction and poetry, and served as the treasurer of the Alpha Chi section of the National English Honor Society.

Search Marketing

200 Projects Completed

For her regular clients, and for Writeraccess clients looking to include specific keywords, Taylor uses SEO marketing skills to make her copywriting and blogs draw internet traffic. Some of these skills involve writing keyword-targeted headings, writing meta-descriptions and social tags, and using geo-targeting for businesses looking to advertise to specific regions.


20 Projects Completed

In short blogs meant to drive business to chiropractors, primary care doctors, dentists, and optometrists, Taylor has written SEO and geo-targeted articles on topics like astigmatism and root canals.


10 Projects Completed

How-To articles are the main form of craft content, usually involving step-by-step information for a specific crafting skill. This kind of content usually includes writing for a specific audience and maintaining a tone that is conducive for that niche. Some of the articles Taylor wrote in 2021 include, "How To Bend Wire For Crafts," and "How To Cut Slate For Crafts."


10 Projects Completed

Fitness is often intertwined with mental health content for good reason, so Taylor's experience with fitness included practical content for the everyday person on maintaining good health and nutrition for the betterment of their mental and emotional health. Some examples of articles she's written include, "Physical Fitness Makes You Mentally Fit," and "Can Bad Nutrition Make You Depressed?"


5 Projects Completed

For a Writeraccess client, Taylor has written technical articles on business, finance, and business management. Topics included Value Chain Analysis, Cornell Notes, and Budgeting.

Blog Post

398 Projects Completed

Whether for homegrown websites helping a community with a specific hobby or for businesses looking to keep their content fresh to draw in customers, Taylor has written hundreds of blogs on dozens of topics to keep internet traffic constant.


325 Projects Completed

With a specialty in informational articles, Taylor writes on a variety of topics to inform, sell to, or convince an audience of something. Some of her favorite articles of 2021 have been, "What Do Snowy Owls Eat?" and "7 Ways To Read Audio Books For a Living."

Landing Page

37 Projects Completed

For an addiction recovery website, Taylor wrote articles for the clients' websites to provide information about their services. Some of these landing pages included topics like, "Family Involvement" for addiction recovery. Her other experience includes "evergreen" pages for pest control companies across the United States on pest pressures specific for that region.

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