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Veronica is an enthusiastic, compelling, and fast writer that strives for excellence. Professionally, Veronica works in the healthcare field helping those in their journey on drug and alcohol abuse recovery. As such, she focuses writing in her personal blog on issues such as trauma recovery, busting myths about topics such as anxiety and OCD, and other mental health topics.

Veronica is also a journalism major that has experience writing for her school newspaper, and as such knows how to present information succinctly and powerfully. Veronica is a communications intern for her local county, has experience writing articles for search engine optimization, and is versed in other multimedia such as video creation and podcasting.

Veronica knows that producing content for a business, blog, or other industry must match their energy and attract specific audiences, and always keeps her clients in mind. Veronica meets deadlines and knows (through personal experience) the importance of completing tasks and articles on time.
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Veronica has written on a plethora of topics for her clients, ranging from search engine optimization writing for healthcare, home maintenance, pet ownership, criminal laws, self care, and more.

Veronica writes longer pieces on her blog about topics including mental health, anxiety, OCD, trauma recovery, substance abuse, and even poetry.

Veronica is a certified peer support specialist and is well-versed on issues dealing with addiction and recovery, cognitive behavioral therapy, exposure and response prevention, and post-traumatic stress disorder.


In her free-time, Veronica likes to write poetry, take photographs, visit museums, and play mini-golf. She also enjoys watching movies and documentaries on crime and mysteries. She is down-to-Earth and loves to share stories about the people she meets through news articles, essays, and podcasting.

She is easy to work with, and hopes you reach out soon to see all her writing has to offer.


Long Beach City College

Winner of the Eli Ortiz Oakley Award for excellence in Journalism

California State University Long Beach

Member of Kappa Tau Alpha/ President's Honor Roll for 4.0 GPA


359 Projects Completed

Veronica not only has experience writing for the healthcare industry, but has worked in healthcare herself. Veronica had experience in the medical field working to help patients through medical emergencies as well as traumas. She also has experience working in the psychiatric field.


150 Projects Completed

Veronica has written for clients ranging from healthcare clinics, to dental and orthodontic services, and even veterinary services. Each of these clients has different needs for their content, and Veronica is careful to include only well-researched facts.

Veronica herself has worked as an emergency medical technician, health technician, and now as a peer support specialist for those in recovery and associated comorbidities.

Self Help

100 Projects Completed

Veronica has written a plethora of articles for SEO purposes on self-help, as well as blog posts that help encourage those struggling with mental health issues and self-care.


30 Projects Completed

Veronica is herself a Navy Veteran and is well-versed and knowledgeable of the military and veterans. She is also a current federal employee and has insight on government employment and procedures. In addition, Veronica has written profiles on government leaders of her country.


419 Projects Completed

Veronica has written articles for her local college paper ranging on a variety of topics, such as profiles, budgeting, and current events.

Blog Post

259 Projects Completed

Veronica loves to write about her personal experiences and her experiences working in the mental health and medical field. She has had her blog posts curated onto bigger platforms, and strives to give only accurate and relevant information that will help readers gain knowledge and be entertained all at the same time.

Newsletter Content

36 Projects Completed

Veronica interns for her local county social services department, and is able to write articles for newsletters that will be engaging, informative, and objective.


16 Projects Completed

Veronica has written profiles based on everyday people, government officials, and also school officials. She is comfortable and even excels in the interview process, reaching out to subjects' colleagues, and combining information into profiles that provide a clear and powerful picture of her subjects.

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