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Francesca Texidor has extensive experience in academic writing. Academic writing includes reports, needs assessments, literature reviews, and persuasive papers. In addition, she can write technology-based articles in the tone and style of various companies. She can also write more informal pieces more suitable to blogs, short news articles, or photo captions. Francesca can include visual elements to copy.


Francesca Texidor has specialized in academic writing based on research. She has interests in many industries such as travel, entertainment, and health. Travel includes international sightseeing recommendations. Entertainment includes film and television. Health includes recipes and fitness. She writes about technology with familiarity in the Mac OS and iOS ecosystem.


Francesca Texidor is interested in a range of topics, especially health and travel. Health includes fitness and nutrition, meal planning, and skincare. Travel includes airport etiquette, international sightseeing, and travel trends. Her personal interests include reading memoirs, watching K-dramas, and learning new languages. She has found language apps to be especially useful in learning languages.


Peppedine University

Mt. Holyoke College


1 Projects Completed

Francesca Texidor is currently in the process of obtaining an Ed.D. With a focus on educational technology, she has experience writing formal needs assessments, research papers, and presentations. She has the ability to do in-depth research and siphon out relevant information depending on the audience.


1 Projects Completed

Francesca Texidor has been a member of Toastmasters for over four years. In that time, she has written and evaluated countless speeches. Currently, she is on the persuasive speech pathway which includes several projects to complete the module. She is able to integrate audio-visual elements into speeches to give them additional impact when appropriate.

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