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Writing has been part of her life since she was in college. From the technical writing of research papers to the world of program planning and grant writing, the art and craft of the written word has always been her tool. As she entered private practice more and more of her clients wanted writing work and in 2018 she closed her telehealth clinic to devote her time full-time to writing. She enjoys every minute of it.
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Her specialty areas focus around the health and wellness arenas inclusive of integrative medicine, CBD, cognitive decline, chronic disease, supplements and herbal wellness.


Her interests are broad including metaphysics, physics, t.v., swimming, walking, cats, and her family.


Michigan State University

Completed a four year undergraduate curriculum preparing her to take the Dietetic Internship requirement for her Board Exams for Human Nutrition. Total undergraduate time spent was five years accounting for a shift in majors from pre-med to dietetics. Completed two years in psychology along with pre-med requirements.

Michigan State University

Completed dual emphasis in Adult Education and Human Nutrition. Completed 5 terms of teaching assistant experience in both research and educational venues.

CBD Products

10 Projects Completed

She has had several clients who wanted CBD articles and blogs for their websites. She worked with two pharmaceutical companies from Israel on CBD articles. She also worked for a CBD company in USA in 2021 writing website articles for their site. The copy also included graphic art for their site.
She currently works with a company from Israel whose main venue is CBD and one from Viet Nam whose primary function is marketing CBD products and her main function was to do product reviews of CBD items.


5 Projects Completed

She has had clients who want copy on different aspects of health. One client was the editor of an Alzheimer's newsletter and she worked closely with the medical director as her "ghost writer" for their newsletter. More than one client wanted to buy blog topic packages for their wellness newsletter. She would serve as the content strategist and come up with a list of topics for approval and then write the topics after they were approved by the health professionals working with the wellness committees.

Health Supplements

2 Projects Completed

She has worked with two websites that sell health supplements. One website exclusively dealt with liver conditions and supplements to support the liver's health and healing abilities as well as chronic diseases that may impact the liver's health.

The other website was a women's health website where my articles focused on topics that dealt primarily with women's health and wellness including hormonal topics, menopause, perimenopause, toxic shock syndrome, stress and other pertinent topics.

Blog Post

100 Projects Completed

One hundred blog posts surely is an underestimate of my writing history for websites and health professionals. She has focused her writing in the health industries and is widely sought after by marketing companies in the nutritional arena such as women's health sites and integrative medicine doctors. She has also haunted the halls of a liver support site and several CBD websites. She has had several clients who have purchased blog packages where she designed the content and then craft the work.


35 Projects Completed

She has written numerous articles for several health venues including supplement companies, continuing education resources, the Alzheimer's Association, the Community for the Aged, a Liver Resource Website, chiropractors, integrative health physicians and more.

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