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Sarah has over six years of experience as a freelance writer. She is well versed in good SEO practices, copywriting, research writing, and creative writing.

Sarah also has four years of experience as an editor and proofreader.

In addition to writing and editing, Sarah has six months of experience managing a team of ~20 writers. During her time as a manager, she researched SEO keywords, created topics for her writers' articles, ran an editorial calendar, managed her writers effectively (learned and accommodated for each writer's individual personalities and needs), proofread, edited, and fact-checked their work, and published all articles to corporate websites.
Green Living
Web Development


Sarah specializes in content writing.

She has researched and written many informational articles.

Sarah has written creative, thought-provoking blog posts.

in 2017, Sarah published an engaging and educational personal finance book.

She has also made some highly compelling landing pages, sales funnels, and automated email campaigns (that boast high open rates).

In addition to her top-tier writing skills, Sarah is proficient in image research, graphic design, automated email marketing, and web design.


Outdoor Activities:
- camping
- hiking
- kayaking
- snowshoeing
- horseback riding
- trail riding, gardening
- homesteading
- hunting
- fishing

Personal Finance:
- low, middle, and upper socio-economic classes
- credit and debit cards
- real estate investing
- index funds
- house hacking
- budgeting
- side hustles

Self Improvement:
- fitness
- intuitive eating
- motivation
- healing from narcissistic relationships
- healthy mindsets
- healing your inner child
- fighting internalized sexism, racism, ableism, etc.

- minimalism
- zero waste movement
- eco-friendly swaps
- gardening
- off-grid-living
- wildflower lawns
- and much more

Travel Blogs:
- researching/writing about recreational spots, restaurants, campgrounds, museums, trails, hotels, etc.
- interviewing business owners, locals, park rangers, etc.
- visiting places in person.

"Crunchy" Parenting
- Attachment parenting
- Gentle parenting
- Wildschooling/Unschooling
- Chest/breastfeeding
- Cloth diapering
- Homemaking and stay-at-home parenting




120 Projects Completed

Sarah is fascinated with personal finance and has written many articles on the subject. This is her favorite niche.

She is part of the FIRE (financial independence, retire early) movement.

Sarah is knowledgable of credit-building practices, good budgeting techniques (has also written guides for several SaaS budgeting apps/software), and understands the mindsets that accompany the three primary socio-economic classes.

Sarah is knowledgable in investing (real estate, individual stocks, and index funds), generational wealth, and accessible wealth generation.

Web Development

52 Projects Completed

Not only is Sarah a writer, she's also an accomplished web designer and developer with her own agency.

Sarah prides herself on not only knowing the front-end and back-ends of development, she's also a master of making those complicated topics beginner friendly and palatable for anyone.

She has written internal step-by-step guides for her team and other web teams. These guides were extremely in-depth but also easy to follow.

She has also ghostwritten articles for Wordpress theme and plugin developers for the general public.


48 Projects Completed

Sarah lives in a cabin in the Kootenai National Forest in Northwestern Montana. She has vast outdoor experiences, including but not limited to:
- camping
- hiking
- kayaking lake, river, and whitewater)
- snowshoeing
- fishing
- hunting
- mountain biking
- eBikes
- ATV trail riding
- horse trail riding
- equestrian sports
- overlanding
- snowmobiling

Sarah is comfortable in the great outdoors and is happy to write from experience, interview other outdoorsmen, or write from research.


25 Projects Completed

Sarah is a copywriting whiz. She has written copy for almost two dozen clients' businesses.

Sarah loves a good landing page and knows exactly what to say to get customers to click, buy now, or subscribe to your mailing list. And once she's got them on the hook, Sarah can write killer emails/newsletters that will have clients excited to open the mail you send.

Sarah has successfully completed B2B and B2C campaigns, and loves each equally.


23 Projects Completed

Sarah gardens in zone 3A in Northwestern Montana, and has also had a garden in zone 6A in Southern Indiana. She also nurtures a wildflower meadow, berry bushes, and fruit trees at her Montana cabin in zone 3A.

Sarah also has approximately 200 house plants that she lovingly tends to as a hobby.

Sarah has written a handful of articles on seed varieties, pest prevention, garden layout, and alternative wildflower lawns/meadows.

Green Living

20 Projects Completed

Sarah primarily writes about low and zero waste efforts, homesteading, self-sufficiency. She has also written articles about reusing products, waste reduction efforts, and easy recycling tips (so recycling is no longer a household burden). She has also interviewed conservationists and conducted small at home experiments to determine better green living practices.


418 Projects Completed

Sarah loves writing articles.

Sarah has written copy for B2B and B2C, consumer reviews, political pieces, personal finance articles, and educational, informational, and thought-provoking articles. She has also written how-to-guide articles, recipe-style articles, and more.


15 Projects Completed

Sarah has created several advertisement pieces of content. These pieces combined her copywriting, research, and graphic design talents.

The majority of these advertisement pieces were used on Google ads, and Facebook marketing. However, some were used on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, in digital and print newspapers, and even on Reddit.

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