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Anyone can write a blog post on topics A, B, or C, but learning how to craft content that engages and converts members of your target audience is a skill developed with experience.

Effectively connecting with prospects is an art peppered in nuance. Jessica is highly skilled at identifying who your audience is, how they think, how they talk, and what interests them.

When she reviews a creative brief, she pays close attention to the little details you share about your target personas and does her own research. Then. she translates the context you provide into content that resonates.

Jessica is a senior writer and editor with over fifteen years of experience. As a prose pro and lover of language, she's dabbled in dang near every type of content you can imagine.

Over the years, she's conceptualized and crafted thousands of blog posts and marketing emails, hundreds of social media marketing messages, and dozens of ebooks, whitepapers, sales collateral pieces, product explainers, and video scripts.

She's been published on Huffington Post and Inman News (multiple times!) and has served as a content marketing manager and demand generation leader at multiple companies. She also worked as a freelance content creator and strategy consultant for just over three years.

As a wordsmith, Jessica loves to tell stories. Taking a concept and turning it into valuable, engaging content that's as fun to read as it is to write is her passion. She enjoys supporting diverse clientele and has written for clients ranging from logistics companies to top real estate agents who do millions in production each year.

The bulk of her experience lies in B2B, SaaS, and Real Estate. Some additional areas of interest include healthcare (physical and mental), family and parenting, and relationships.

To sum it up, Jessica is a consistent, confident, creative, and collaborative writer who is easy to work with. She's dedicated to making sure she always provides content that really hits the mark and looks forward to working with you.
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Real Estate


Jessica has been working for real estate SaaS companies since 2009. In her time in the industry, she's grown to know and understand the life and world of agents and brokers very well.

She's also well versed in speaking to buyers and sellers on the consumer side of the equation. Jessica can help agents craft content that highlights the unique benefits of working with an agent or team and can write a truly compelling listing description.

As a homeowner herself, she also has a personal perspective on the home shopping and buying process that also gives unique context to her writing.

Jessica has written and edited real estate content focused on detailed market trend data full of complicated concepts. She's also written sales tax compliance guides for small business owners, designed to explain the impact of various types of sales tax nexus.

To do this effectively, a writer needs to be a strategic thinker who can create a clear narrative and bundle topics in a logical way. The content itself needs to be thoughtfully organized and skimmable. It also needs to be comprehensive without being overwhelming. Jessica is able to do all of the above, making her a great candidate for tough assignments that require an experienced writer who can put the puzzle pieces together.

Jessica has significant experience in the following industries:
Real Estate (agents, brokers, buyers, sellers, listings, tools)
SaaS (software as a service platform)
B2B Marketing (across multiple industries)
Marketing (content, inbound, strategy, direct response writing)
Business (small, independent, family-owned, contractor)
Technology (SaaS, app, software platform, support services)
Healthcare (caregiver resources, mental health, preemie babies, pregnancy)
Lifestyle (parenting, relationships, special needs parenting)

Jessica is most experienced with the following types of content:
Blog posts, articles, marketing emails, social media copy, downloadable content copy (eBooks, whitepapers, sales collateral, copy for pitch decks).


Jessica would love to diversify her writing portfolio by focusing more of her time working with clients in areas of interest. These areas include healthcare (mental, physical, emotional), pregnancy and parenting (special needs, premature baby, high risk pregnancy).


University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Took lots of interpersonal communication and persuasive writing courses. Minored in psychology.

Real Estate

1,503 Projects Completed

Focused on real estate for the bulk of her career. She's created thousands of articles, collateral pieces, emails, and more for agents. She knows the lingo, talk the talk and understand what it takes to connect with the target audience on both the agent/broker and consumer sides.


1,001 Projects Completed

She has served in multiple marketing roles over the last fifteen years, primarily focused on content. As the Content Marketing Manager and initial content hire at Z57, Zurple, Home Bay, and Side, she architected content marketing programs from the ground up. She also spent several years working as a content marketing creator, curator, and strategist. Being a part of lean teams and building my own business has made her a resourceful, dependable, autonomous, creative thinker with a deep understanding of how to create content that engages and converts your ideal audience.


75 Projects Completed

One of my core clients at Jessica Cates Creative was a caregiving service, much like, but for families seeking help with a loved one who was aging in place. She wrote a wide array of blog content for this client, focused on safety, mental well-being for caregivers and family members, Alzheimer's research and developments, support resources, and more. She has a huge passion for helping others and would love to take on your healthcare writing projects to help you meaningfully connect with your audience.


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Mom of two; preemie and special needs parent. Lots of unique personal experiences that I bring into her writing on parenting and all things kid-related. She's currently working on a book on her journey as the mom of a 1lb 14oz baby in her free time and would love to take on more parenting and healthcare-related writing to expand her experience in these industries.

Blog Post

1,501 Projects Completed

Thousands of blog posts across a variety of verticles (primarily B2B marketing) and industries (most experienced in real estate and lifestyle).

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