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Hannah is currently majoring in journalism at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida. She has written many articles and blogs for a variety of clients (example: podiatrist, jeweler, general contractor, etc.). She has been a ghost writer for some companies and published blogs and articles on anything from the perfect proposal to picking the right contractor for your home renovation. She previously interned at a social media marketing agency where she became familiar with SEO. She is experienced in engaging readers with content that is exciting and creatively written.


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Hannah has written many blogs for a jeweler. Subjects of these blogs have been anything from celebrity engagement rings to the hottest men's watch trends of the year. In these blogs, Hannah has informed readers of trends, how to pick jewelry, popular celebrity jewelry and even ideas for engagements and weddings. She has also written on the subject of high heels for a podiatrist.


Hannah has written many blogs for a podiatrist. In these blogs, she informs readers of how to properly take care of their feet, information on shoes (such as high heels), as well as current athletic injuries.


Hannah has written many blogs for a podiatrist. In these blogs, she informs readers of the best exercises for their legs, knees, ankles and feet. She has also written for a doctor who specializes in neuropathy. In those blogs, she discusses tips for treating neuropathy pain, how to control blood sugar levels, as well as how to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Hannah has written many blogs for a company who focuses on the sale of insecticide and fungicide. She informs readers of how to take care of their garden, the best plants for a specific geographical area, as well as how to treat and avoid insects and plant disease.


Hannah has written many blogs for a pawn shop with an emphasis on electronics, such as tablets, phones, computers, etc. She writes about the latest trends, top selling items, industry news, and many more areas to keep readers informed.


Hannah has written blogs for several types of entertainment, including a magician and professional musicians with a focus on wedding gigs. Hannah not only promotes the magician and band, but also informs the readers of tips and tricks for a wedding or party.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Hannah is most experienced in writing blogs, which is conversational in it's style. In her blogs she focuses on not only informing the readers, but also keeping them interested and entertained with the material being read. In her writing she aims to be light-hearted as well as informative.

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